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The Best Air Fryer Recipes For The Whole Family

I got an air fryer last year after I saw one on my favorite cooking show. I had heard such great things for such a long time! Since then I have tried so many amazing delicious recipes and today I am sharing the best air fryer recipes that your family will enjoy!

air fryer muffins on a plate

The best thing about the air fryer is that you can hate to cook or love to cook and this device makes everything super easy. Anything that you have baked, fried in oil, or even stewed can be done quickly in the air fryer. 

My most favorite thing to do in the air fryer? Frozen french fries. Somehow it gets rid of the frozen taste and they are just so good! Buy a bag of your favorite kind of french fries (ours are the curly seasoned fries-yum) and try it out, you will NOT be disappointed!

Today I’ve got a lot of different dishes for you to try including potatoes, meats, and of course–sweets. You will be surprised by the versatility of your air fryer. In fact, you should bookmark this post because I’ll be adding more and more recipes as we go on!

I’ve divided the best air fryer recipes into 4 categories:

Breakfast/Dinner/Appetizers & Sides/Sweets and Treats.

The Best Air Fryer Recipes For The Whole Family

The air fryer is so versatile and can make dishes so much healthier! Check out these amazing air fryer recipes for the whole family that you will love and try again and again!

Air Fryer Breakfast Ideas

Start your day off with these amazing air fryer dishes.

Air Fryer Dinner Ideas

Gather around the table for these awesome dinner air fryer recipes!

Air Fryer Appetizers and Sides

Need something quick before dinner? What about something to complement your main dish? These Air Fryer Recipes are what you need!

Air Fryer Sweets and Treats

The air fryer can make some awesome sweet treats too!

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