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Contact Brooklyn Active Mama

Are you looking to connect with Brooklyn Active Mama for collaborations, partnerships, or any inquiries? The best way to reach us is through our dedicated PR inbox. We welcome all your questions, proposals, and ideas, and we are always excited to explore new opportunities and collaborations.

To ensure your message reaches us promptly and receives the attention it deserves, please direct all your communications to our PR email address. We strive to respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible, understanding the value of your time and interest in Brooklyn Active Mama.

Whether you’re a brand looking for a partnership, a fellow blogger interested in collaboration, or just have a query about the blog, our PR inbox is open for you. Reach out today, and let’s discuss how we can work together to create something amazing!

For direct contact, please send your emails to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

Connect for Job Opportunities at Brooklyn Active Mama

Are you interested in joining the dynamic team at Brooklyn Active Mama? We are always on the lookout for passionate and creative individuals who can contribute to our growing platform. If you are enthusiastic about blogging, have a knack for creating engaging content, or possess skills in areas that align with our blog’s themes, we would love to hear from you!

For all job-related inquiries, including freelance opportunities, internships, or full-time positions, please reach out to us through our dedicated job opportunities email. This channel is specifically designed to manage all employment and collaboration prospects, ensuring that your application or proposal gets the right attention.

Send your resumes, portfolios, or proposals to [email protected]. Please include a brief introduction about yourself and how you believe you can contribute to Brooklyn Active Mama. We appreciate every application and aim to respond as promptly as possible.

Join us in our journey of inspiring and empowering moms, and let’s make a difference together! We’re excited to potentially have you as part of our team.

To reach out to Nellie directly please drop a line at [email protected].

Connect with Brooklyn Active Mama Across Social Media and More

Instagram: Join me on Instagram for daily doses of motivation and vibrant snapshots from around the city, country, and sometimes even the globe! Follow for a visual journey that’s sure to inspire and entertain.

TikTok: On this platform I share my NYC restaurant adventures as well as videos of popular recipes I share here!

Twitter: For real-time updates and spontaneous thoughts, follow me on Twitter. It’s my favorite platform for its dynamic and immediate interaction – a place where you can catch my thoughts as they happen.

Facebook: Like my Facebook page for a mix of humor and entertainment. Here, I share a variety of funny memes and videos, perfect for a light-hearted break in your day.

Pinterest: Explore my Pinterest boards for a diverse collection of pins, from mouth-watering recipes and handy printables to creative nail designs and more.

YouTube: Don’t miss out on my YouTube channel, where I regularly post exciting videos ranging from the latest toy releases to event recaps. With over a million views and counting, YouTube is a key platform where I share unique content that often isn’t featured on the blog.

Threads: Come join me on Threads, an engaging and entertaining platform where we can connect in a fun and casual setting.

Mailing List: For regular updates and a weekly recap of blog posts and more, make sure to join my mailing list. Stay in the loop with all the latest from Brooklyn Active Mama, directly in your inbox.

Each of these platforms offers a unique way to engage with Brooklyn Active Mama, and I invite you to follow along on whichever platforms resonate most with you. Let’s stay connected!

Brooklyn Active Mama Physical Mailing Address

BAM Digital Media, LLC
Schnelle Acevedo
6614 Ave U Unit #640
Brooklyn, NY 11234

Reach out to us via phone: ‪(347) 670-5084‬

To learn more about Schnelle Acevedo be sure to check out her Professional Portfolio.

I look forward to connecting with you! <3


Thursday 25th of July 2013

I LOVE your blog! , I am also a NYC native, and I LOVE fitness as well. I am also looking for guest bloggers for the month of August, would you be interested in writing a post? You can do more than one post if you like. You can email at the above address at anytime, Thank You!