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17+ Delicious Non Alcoholic Mocktail Recipes For Any Occasion

These delicious non alcoholic mocktails are so good to make for any occasion! Check out this comprehensive list of recipes that will satisfy your taste buds!

What is the best non-alcoholic drink?

When it comes to non-alcoholic drinks, the options can be overwhelming. From smoothies and juices to coffee and tea – there’s something for everyone!

But when it comes down to finding the best non-alcoholic drink, it really depends on personal preference and what you’re in the mood for. Some popular non-alcoholic drinks include herbal teas, sparkling water and mocktails.

Mocktails are an interesting mix of non-alcoholic ingredients like fruit juices, simple syrups and garnishes. These drinks are a great alternative to their alcoholic counterparts and can be made in a variety of flavors and colors.

So, if you’re looking for the best non-alcoholic drink, it really comes down to what you’re craving! Whether you prefer something sweet or something more savory, there’s an option out there for everyone.

What is the best kind of mocktail?

There are so many delicious mocktail recipes to choose from! Some popular options include the classic Margarita, a Pina Colada or a Shirley Temple. All of these drinks can be made with non-alcoholic ingredients like juices, syrups and even club soda.

If you’re feeling creative, there are endless possibilities when it comes to making your own mocktails. You can mix and match different flavors and ingredients to create a unique drink that you love.

No matter what kind of mocktail you choose, they are all a great way to enjoy a delicious non-alcoholic beverage.

This fun and sweet non alcoholic tasty cotton candy mocktail has a very beautiful and festive pink color! This is a super fun drink to make for kids or non drinkers at a party! The recipe calls for cotton candy, pink sugar and strawberry soda which makes for a pretty sparking pink drink. This is a great sparkling drink recipe for a crowd! Your guests will be so impressed! #mocktail #nonalcoholicdrinks #nonalcoholic #mocktailrecipe

It is always a good idea to serve mocktails. You can serve them at kids birthday parties, and at your own parties to make the kids feel as if they have some special “drinks” as well.

I’m sharing with you today 17+ Delicious Non Alcoholic Mocktails that you can create for any occasion, and these come in super useful for expectant mothers, non drinkers and of course, kids!

I’ve included some mojitos (or in this case NO-jitos), coladas and so many more fun beverages! I’ve always been a fan of creating awesome drinks and these are perfect for your next party!

17+ Delicious Non Alcoholic Mocktail Recipes For Any Occasion

Mocktail recipes are so fun for kids, pregnant women and non drinkers! These non alcoholic drinks will impress everyone!

What is your favorite non alcoholic mocktails recipe?

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Kyra Rodriguez

Friday 25th of January 2019

Love it!!! I stopped drinking alcoholic drinks, and I think this is perfect for me!!!!

Matt D.

Tuesday 8th of January 2019

They all look good I don't know which ones to try first. Thanks for collecting so many!

Zar Santos

Tuesday 8th of January 2019

I'm so intrigued with that Hibiscus Ginger Beer Mocktail! It looks so delicious. I would love to have a taste of that soon.


Wednesday 2nd of January 2019

Love these! The kids created one on their own for new year and it tasted pretty good. I am not a good drink maker but I think I will try some of these out this year.

Camilla Hawkins

Tuesday 1st of January 2019

I love a non alcoholic cocktail and can't wait to try some of these! Thank for including my mojito:-)