The Best.Celeb.Baby.Bump.News.Ever.

Bey is pregnant!

Now, I am not a celebrity watcher, I don’t generally keep up on big events happening, I usually leave that to everyone else to keep me in the know. However. Bey is a different story, and as I settled into my yearly obsessive Video Music Award Twitter commentary I noticed on my timeline that someone said beyonce is expecting. Of course I pushed it off as usual desperate speculation. (I’d fallen for this before, I would not be fooled!) Then when I saw “sources confirm…..” My heart went into a pitter patter. Could this really be happening?????

A little background on why this is very special for me…

I have been following ms. Beyonce since the original Destiny’s child, “no, no, no” the remix with wyclef was easily my favorite song of the 9th grade. Did I know ms beyonce would turn into the powerhouse she is today? No! But I have followed her the entire way, I stomped with her when survivor was the best song ever, and my then boyfriend took me to Jones beach to see them live. They were what tlc was to the previous generation, except more awesome.

Jay Z

Anyone who knows me, I mean really really knows me, knows that I am one of the most hardcore fans ever. I rarely debate with folks about him because I simply know they can’t match my knowledge. I’m *that* confident. My former best friend and I would test each other daily on lyrics, we stalked him during his early career….wherever he was … We were! Before he “retired” and launched himself into unattainable status, we went to every single concert. We were “superfans”. I am still a superfan however I am now too old and broke to catch his every concert, but the love still burns brightly inside.

So when the both of them got together? Rumor or not, I was a happy camper. I prayed they would make it, like *really* make it. And they did!

I realized beyonce was the truth when I heard her sing “dangerously in love” for the first time. That song is so incredibly raw and I feel like that is the exact way I feel about my husband. She sings from some crazy bare place that stirs everything inside of you.

So yes, to hear she is preggers and proud made me want to dance for joy. If you want to see my head literally explode from joy check my Twitter feed from last night! It was actually quite epic.

Congrats Bey! From a fan.



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  1. Haha! It’s so funny how this is one celeb pregnancy where we’re all as happy for the couple as if we know them! I have to be truthful, I’m not a huge Beyonce or Jay-Z fan (runs for cover,lol) but even I was overjoyed at this news! :)


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