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50 Fun And Creative Halloween Treats For Kids

Here is a great list of Halloween treats for kids! From fun drinks to festive cupcakes and yummy cookies, you will find a treat you love!

When Halloween creeps around the corner, it’s time to stir the cauldron of creativity and serve up some spook-tacular treats for the little goblins and witches.

From edible monsters to ghostly goodies, here are some devilishly delightful Halloween treats that will make your kiddos howl with joy:

  1. Mummy Hot Dogs:
    • How: Wrap hot dogs with thin strips of refrigerated crescent roll dough, leaving a little gap for the ‘eyes’. Bake until golden brown. Add two mustard or ketchup dots for the eyes.
    • Why It’s Fun: They’re bite-sized, easy to hold, and the mummies’ ‘eyes’ make them comically cute.
  2. Spider Brownies:
    • How: Prepare your regular brownie mix. Before baking, press pretzel sticks into the mix as spider legs (four on each side) and use chocolate chips or candy eyes for the spiders’ eyes.
    • Why It’s Fun: Who wouldn’t love a chocolatey treat that also looks like a creepy crawler?
  3. Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats:
    • How: Prepare Rice Krispie treats with a bit of orange food coloring. Once cooled, shape them into small pumpkin balls. Add a pretzel piece on top for the stem and green icing for leaves.
    • Why It’s Fun: They’re colorful, and kids will enjoy molding their mini pumpkins.
  4. Ghostly Bananas:
    • How: Peel bananas and cut them in half. Use chocolate chips to create ghost eyes and a mouth on the rounded side.
    • Why It’s Fun: A healthier treat that still captures the Halloween spirit!
  5. Witch’s Broomsticks:
    • How: Insert a pretzel stick into a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Use a ribbon of fruit roll-up or string cheese strands to add a tied-broom effect.
    • Why It’s Fun: It’s a magical mix of salty and sweet!
  6. Candy Corn Fruit Cups:
    • How: Layer pineapples, oranges, and whipped cream in a clear cup to mimic the look of candy corn.
    • Why It’s Fun: A refreshing, healthier option that’s vibrantly colored and delicious.
  7. Jello Worms:
    • How: Prepare raspberry jello mix and pour it into flexible straws that are tightly packed together. Let it set, then run the straws under warm water and push out the ‘worms’.
    • Why It’s Fun: They’re slimy, wiggly, and delightfully gross!
  8. Ghoul Lollipops:
    • How: Wrap a lollipop with a white tissue, securing it with a rubber band or ribbon. Draw ghost eyes and a mouth with a marker.
    • Why It’s Fun: It’s a simple transformation from lollipop to ghost.
  9. Oreo Bats:
    • How: Attach candy eyes to an Oreo using a dab of icing. Insert broken pieces of pretzels or potato chips on either side as wings.
    • Why It’s Fun: Crunchy, creamy, and perfect for the bat-loving kiddo.
  10. Zombie Guts (Spaghetti):
  • How: Cook spaghetti and mix with green food coloring. Serve it cold and let the kids play with the ‘zombie guts’ before eating.
  • Why It’s Fun: It’s a tactile experience, and kids will love the ick-factor.

Halloween is such a fun time to get creative, from do it yourself costumes to fun drinks there are so many fun things to do!

Today I’m sharing 50 Fun and Creative Halloween Treats for kids that will be perfect for any Halloween party or school get together.  

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50+ Fun and Creative Halloween Treats For Kids

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