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Fun Halloween Pictionary Game – Free Printable

 Today I’ve got a fun Halloween Pictionary game you can play with the family to have some halloween fun and still stay completely safe!


What is Halloween Pictionary?

Halloween Pictionary is a festive, engaging, free printable game, intended to infuse some Halloween fun into your gatherings. This interactive game features a set of printable cards, each showcasing a unique Halloween-themed word or phrase. It’s an ideal complement to parties, family gatherings, classrooms, or even office events to ignite festive creativity and laughter.

How to Play:

Playing Halloween Pictionary is a breeze! Split your participants into teams. In each round, a team member selects a card and attempts to draw the Halloween-themed word or phrase on a whiteboard or large pad of paper, while their team tries to guess what it is. The person drawing cannot speak or use letters or numbers in their artwork. If their team guesses correctly within the time limit, they score a point. The team with the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner!

What’s Needed For This Fun Halloween Game:

To play “Halloween Pictionary,” you’ll need the free printable game cards, a drawing surface such as a whiteboard or large pad of paper, markers, a timer, and a method to keep score. The game cards can be easily printed at home or at a local print shop.

Where to Play:

This game is adaptable and can be enjoyed in various settings such as at home, in a classroom, a park, an office party, or any Halloween-themed event. Any space where you have a group of people ready for a spooky good time is a perfect spot for “Halloween Pictionary”.

What groups is this free printable game suitable for?

Halloween Pictionary is fantastic for all age groups – children, teenagers, and adults. It’s a brilliant game for school parties, family gatherings, office Halloween events, or a casual hangout with friends on a Halloween movie night. The game aids in enhancing creativity, team-building, and communication skills.

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Halloween Costume Pictionary Free Printable

Today I’ve got a super fun Halloween printable that you and the family will enjoy! Included are two sheets of fun costume ideas. You can do a couple of things with these sheets:

You can print them out and cut out each one, put them in a mason jar, pick one and draw it until your teammate figures out what you are drawing! The fun part is that you care drawing a costume, not the actual character so things can get really funny!

If you are going to be one of those families that are handing out candy or treats this year, you can cross off every costume you see and come together at the end of the night to see how many different costumes you saw!

This printable is perfect to enrich a vocabulary or have fun with words to play! It includes Disney character costumes too!

What are the ideal settings to play this game in?

The best environments for this game are those where a group of people can gather comfortably with a clear view of the drawing surface. Consider a warm living room, a spacious backyard during a Halloween barbecue, a classroom decked out in Halloween decorations, or a lively office party room. Boost the festive atmosphere by ensuring the ambiance aligns with the Halloween theme, making the game even more exciting.

Click here to grab your Halloween Pictionary Game!

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