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Bug Punch Halloween Mocktail Drink


With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to start planning on making all things “spooky and gross” for the kids to enjoy! This Halloween Bug Punch Mocktail is the perfect drink to accompany all their other tasty Halloween treats

Halloween Mocktail Drink

Does your child like to eat bugs? What if those bugs are gummy worms that are topped with a tasty drink and whipped cream? Changes the whole question, right?

Halloween Mocktail Drink

When it comes to creating a punch recipe that the kids are going to love, it’s really not that complicated at all. Since punch offers the ability to add in almost any type of ingredient that you want, you can have fun with the “bugs” and “worms” that you’re adding to this beverage.

Halloween Mocktail Drink

I like adding in the gummy worms because they’re long and look a bit slimy in the glass. (I know – creeping out my kids at Halloween is just one of the perks of being a mom!) 

Halloween Mocktail Drink

How to Make This Halloween Bug Punch Mocktail the Star of Halloween 

Here’s the deal. I’m all about Halloween. What other holidays out there is basically a free pass for dressing up in costumes and eating sugar until you feel like you might explode? And since it only happens one time a year, I tend to really go all out in making it a fun and memorable night. 

Halloween Mocktail Drink

I’ve always made fun goodie bags and Halloween themed treats to share with the kids in the neighborhood but fail to have something creepy and silly in our own house. This year, that all changes. This bug punch is going to be the one drink that keeps everyone in the house hydrated all day long.

Halloween Mocktail Drink

When the kids want a drink after school? Bug punch. When the kids want a drink after trick or treating? Bug punch. Because in the land of all things Halloween, one time per year for this wormy punch recipe means that you have to go all out! 

Halloween Mocktail Drink

Keep the gummy worms flowing and the whipped cream on hand with this tasty and simple punch. It’s a fun way to combine sweet and spooky on one of the silliest nights of the year! 


Halloween Mocktail Drink
Yield: 1 glass

Bug Punch Halloween Mocktail Drink

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

A Halloween Mocktail with green juice, gummy worms for bugs, and whipped cream. The kids will enjoy this fun and spooky treat!


  • 4 ounces green Hawaiian punch
  • 4 ounces lemon lime soda
  • Sour gummy worms
  • Whipped cream
  • Green sanding sugar
  • Ice


  1. Place a few sour gummy worms in the bottom of a glass.
  2. Fill the glass with ice.
  3. Pour the green punch in the glass.
  4. Top with lemon lime soda.
  5. Top with a small amount of whipped cream and garnish with green sanding sugar and more sour gummy worms.

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