Back To School Style With Momtrends

Back to School with Momtrends

Back To School Style With MomTrends

Last week the lovely ladies of Momtrends invited me to their amazing Back to school event showcasing awesome new and old brands and some really cool products that you and your little ones need for the upcoming back to school season.


The event was held downtown Manhattan at Freshmade NYC, which is a cooking school for ages 2 and up. They teach children how to cook healthy items, while eating and sampling items they may not eat on a regular basis. My eldest adores baking with me so it will be a no brainer to take him back for a class!

They had some of the foods available for sampling and I was impressed. If a 4 year old can make it then I surely could too–right?!



Next I went over to the office candy booth where they design office supplies for home offices. These aren’t your ordinary clipboards and staplers! They come in fantastic colors and patterns to liven up ANY office! I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves!


After that I went over to Avon and there was a makeup artist there giving bloggers on the spot makeovers! They also had the full new line of makeup on display. I cant tell a lie. I wanted it all. The makeup junkie in me wanted to try every shade. I restrained myself and took some pictures instead.


One of the absolute coolest vendors that was there was the Madpax. These dino bags are insanely awesome and so different, which is just fantastic. My boy will LOVE this bag because he is just a cool kid like that :)


I also got an amazing swag bag in which I vlog about below:

I had a really great time at the back to school style with momtrends event, I saw my favorite bloggy girls and got to preview some really great products.


Have you started back to school shopping yet?



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  1. Of ocurse, I’ll be off to download this app to try it out!

  2. ooh such a fun event…i am so far away from back to school shopping but i can’t wait!
    Mrs .Pancakes recently posted…I’ve Moved…My Profile

  3. Of course not! It’s on my list of things to work on soon because it’ll be here before I know it. Looks like a great event!
    Laila recently posted…Respecting Your Child’s PrivacyMy Profile

  4. Looks like a fun event! I’ve started thinking about back to school shopping too…
    Michelle recently posted…Back to School Shopping with YouNeverLoseMy Profile

  5. What a fun event! Love that backpack indeed!
    Patty recently posted…Confession and AcceptanceMy Profile

  6. Funny – I have never done back to school shopping but this is the first year I’ve even thought about it. I think the summer before kindergarten will REALLY be a big one, not that I’m admitting that’s on the horizon or anything. Fun event! Love the fun food – veggies in dip cups! – and I love the dino bag. Makes me wish I still lived closer to NY – I’d get to do cool stuff!
    Tamara recently posted…Guest Post: Rated “R” First Grader – What Happens When Good Kids Say Bad Words.My Profile

  7. The Office Candy booth, I would have died!!! I am obsessed with office supplies AND those are super cute with all the different colors. What a neat event. My baby is too young to be prepping for school but I would have totally been trolling that event because I adore back to school shopping.

  8. This looks like it was a blast. I want one of those bags for my son! And like you, all of the makeup too!
    Ilene recently posted…Must Love DogsMy Profile

  9. I really like that backpack! Totally different.
    If we lived there, I’d definitely take RJ to some of those cooking classes.
    Jenni recently posted…The PlaydateMy Profile

  10. That first image is fantastic! You are just a little PicMonkey genius!! This looked fun as usual. You have the most amazing opps as a mohter and blogger in Brooklyn. On this cooking class for kids, I’m blown away by all the opportunities for extra curricular activities and for what ages these days. My how things have changed from when we were growing up. I can only imagine what these well rounded children have in store for us 20 years from now.
    Joi recently posted…Know Your Personnel – The Right Mix of Real Friends & Blog FriendsMy Profile

    • Thanks girl you are so right, all these gadgets and tools they have now, they don’t have a choice but to be geniuses!

  11. This is a cute event for parents to attend! I think the Madpax are awesome! The goodies in your video are so nice! I need that Tupperware… I mean it has the place for your fork and everything!
    Sherelle recently posted…Wedding Wednesdays: Best Planning ResourcesMy Profile

  12. That looked like such a fun event! Every last detail was planned meticulously! Love it! Glad you were in attendance and able to share. :)
    Crystal recently posted…Easy Crock Pot Macaroni and CheeseMy Profile

  13. I love the office supplies. They have such a fun design and those scissors! And yes we have started school shopping. We start next week!

  14. I love the office supplies. They look so cute and I love the scissors!
    Yes, we’ve started school shopping. We getting it all wrapped up because we start next week.
    Miranda recently posted…The Weekend and Back To School GoalsMy Profile

  15. What a fun event! I love the dinosaur backpack and I know a certain blogger (Karen) who needs one for her little guy. I haven’t bought Avon in awhile but I’m thinking about trying it again. The prices are always right!
    Carli recently posted…F.I.T. Interview: Maria’s Car Accident Changes Her PerspectiveMy Profile

  16. What a fun event!!

    I’m almost finished with back to school shopping, my little guy starts kindergarten in about 3 weeks.. ahh!

  17. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    I love the Office Candy supplies. So cute. We have started shopping for the school year. I wanted to hit the mid summer sales.

  18. I love love love the decor and wish something like this was down here I have always wanted to throw something for back to school but don’t have the network to do so.
    Kita recently posted…Tanger Outlets Back to school eventMy Profile

  19. Wow, what an event! I’m definitely going to have to see if there’s a Freshmade in my area…the toddler would LOVE it. Love the office supplies too!
    Leslie recently posted…{Weigh In Wednesday} Week 29My Profile

  20. I’ve been picking up items here and there but I still have so much to prepare for. Luckily, although my children will be at the same school this year, they start on different days so I only have to focus on most of the supplies for my oldest. Back to school shopping has always excited me as a kid and I think I passed that off to my children. LOL!

    That water looks delicious!
    Carla recently posted…First Week at Big BlueMy Profile

    • The water was really yummy, I just kept going back for more. I totally wish I had the patience to cut up a ton of fruit for water.

  21. Thank you so much for attending the event!
    Nicole Feliciano recently posted…Five Minute Arm WorkoutMy Profile


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