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Easy Apple Pie Bars

These apple pie bars are made with fresh apples and has all of the amazing flavors of apple pie. This treat has apples sandwiched between a delicious shortbread crust.

Are you in the mood for something delicious and different? This fall and winter season, it’s the perfect time to create Apple Pie Bars for your family.

These Apple Pie Bars aren’t anything that you would find at the store, you will only be able to enjoy them from the comfort of your own home by baking them. You won’t have any regrets though because these are the most delicious bars you’ll ever find! 

Apple Pie Bars: A Modern Take on a Classic Dessert

Get ready to fall in love with these Amazing Apple Pie Bars. Imagine layers of buttery shortbread crust, gooey apple filling, and a crunchy crumb topping. Made with the best apples and brown sugar, this recipe takes the traditional pie concept and simplifies it into a one-pan wonder. Perfect for the holiday season or any other time you’re craving a slice of apple heaven.

Apple Pie Bars FAQs

What are the best apples to use?

For the best results, use a mix of tart apples like Granny Smith and sweeter apples like Golden Delicious or Macintosh.

Do I need to peel the apples?

Yes, peeled apple slices ensure a smoother apple layer, enhancing the overall texture.

Can I use a food processor?

Absolutely. Use a food processor to combine flour and cold butter quickly, creating a flaky crust.

Apple Bars

Before you decide to make these bars, you might be wondering how one can go about even starting to bake them. I give you the full ingredients and recipe so that you can make this on your own.

This is actually one recipe that the whole family will ask for time and time again! There are three components to these apple bars. 

Shortbread crust – I have never had another crust that was this delicious. The crust makes the bar POP! Just a few simple ingredients and you have shortbread. I want to make shortbread with everything to be honest.

Apple filling – When I say that these apple bars are delicious, it’s all because of this apple filling. Using fresh apples will make them so so good. 

Crisp topping – Last, but not least is this yummy crisp topping. Enjoying the topping to this apple pie will be something you’ll want to do over and over again. You might even consider making this topping for other recipes. 

Tips and Tricks

Crust Consistency: Make sure the butter is at room temperature for the crust. Use the paddle attachment in the bowl of an electric mixer and mix on medium speed until the dough forms.

Cooking Apples: For the apple mixture, cook the apple slices in a large skillet over medium-low heat to get them tender before layering them over the baked crust.

Bottom Crust: Press two-thirds of the dough into the bottom of the pan lined with parchment paper, ensuring an even layer.


Caramel Apple Pie Bars: Drizzle some salted caramel sauce on top of the apples before adding the crumb topping.

Maple-Cinnamon Variation: Add a tablespoon of maple syrup and extra cinnamon to the apple mixture.

Apple Cake Fusion: Incorporate egg yolks into the crust mixture for a cake-like bottom.

Where to Serve

These bars are versatile and can be served at family gatherings, holiday parties, or even as a post-orchard-picking treat after a good harvest at the apple orchard.

This recipe is one that you can pass on for generations. I like to make a double batch and freeze one of them. It’s nice to be able to pull some out and enjoy them whenever you want.


Store the apple pie bars in an airtight container. They last up to 5 days in the refrigerator or you can freeze the whole pan for a month.

Common Problems and How to Avoid Them

Soggy Bottom Crust: Pre-bake the crust for the best way to avoid this.

Uneven Cooking: Make sure to slice apples uniformly. Use a food processor or a pastry blender to get the crumb topping into coarse crumbs.

Overly Sweet Filling: Be mindful of the type of apples you use. Too many sweeter apples can overpower the filling.

Tips for Making This Recipe with Kids

Apple Picking: Make it a family recipe by involving the kids in apple picking from apple trees.

Measuring and Mixing: Allow them to measure dry ingredients and mix on low speed in a large mixing bowl.

Dough Pressing: Kids can help press the remaining dough on the top of the apples.

Plus, it saves time and energy when you make double batches of something. If you enjoyed making this recipe, make sure you leave a comment below. 

Topping Options

Classic: A scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Deluxe: Drizzle salted caramel sauce for an extra layer of flavor.

Nutty: Add some crushed walnuts or pecans to the crumb topping

Why This Recipe Works

Buttery Shortbread Crust: The crust bakes to a golden brown, providing a firm yet flaky base.

Balanced Flavors: The mix of tart and sweeter apples provides a well-balanced apple layer.

Crunchy Top: The crumb topping, when baked, adds a contrasting texture to the gooey apple filling.

What are some more fun apple pie recipes to try?

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Linda Moore

Wednesday 3rd of January 2024

Nellie I made the Apple Pie Bars for my New Years Lunch! Omy goodness were they delicious! I believe I prefer them over apple pie and that is saying something because my auntie who lived in Nebraska was the apple pie queen her apple pie was so delicious that one piece wasn’t enough she made her own crust and it was to die for just melted in your mouth It was so flakey plus so tender always perfect . Have eaten a lot of apple pies in my life of 74 yrs but hers was the best! Unfortunately she has passed and I have her recipe but it doesn’t even come close to her apple pie! Anyway the apple pie bars are outstanding and comes really close to her. Apple pie! Thanks again for the recipe! It will be made when we are hungry for a good apple pie!❤️I will share with my sisters and daughter! Thanks again and God bless you and your sweet family! Happy New Year 2024❤️

Angela bayers

Monday 12th of September 2022


Are you able to use apple pie filling?


Wednesday 15th of March 2023