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BAM Book Review: Home In The Morning by Mary Glickman

Home in the Morning is June’s the choice of my monthly book club. Image Credit Amazon Description: “A powerful debut from a new literary talent, this novel tells the story of a Jewish family confronting the tumult of the 1960s—and the secrets that bind its members together Jackson Sassaport is a man who often finds [Read On]

The Christening!

So we had our youngest boy christened last weekend which was so special and even more fun! Even his big bro got dressed up for the occasion! What a ham! Getting ready for the big event! Brothers Us waiting outside the chapel… Mommy Daddy, and GodParents They were rushing us on to the next baby [Read On]

Casual Sundays

The weekend has been insanely beautiful compared to the heat we had here last week in NYC. I just want to take it, store it away and keep it forever! I had a goal of being extremely relaxed this weekend, not doing much but watching my favorite TV shows, baking and reading a bit maybe [Read On]

My Open Letter To Sleep

Image Credit Dear Sleep, I miss you. So so so so so so so so much. The toddler and the baby are holding you hostage and they are not taking any negotiations. Please come back to me. I need you. Remember when I was young and I used to have you for 8, 9, 10 [Read On]

Don’t Let *Anyone* Talk You Out Of Your Dreams!

image credit: People’s opinions are like well…you know the rest…everyone has one. However, when you add me to your dreams deffered list, that’s when it becomes a problem. Let me explain. I have a co-worker of mine that I have been friends with for 6 years…we attend each others events, and we’ve even had our [Read On]

Bye Bye Baby Weight: Three Moments That Almost Made Me Give Up.

Image Credit: I had three moments in the past three days that almost made me pack up my fitness goals, throw them in a crate, seal it tight and pack em away for good. Moment #1 I’ve been eating better, like wayyy better, taking my lunch to work, cutting back on the crazy carb [Read On]


        My mom is closing down her daycare for 4th of July week so we decided as a family to take a trip down to Disneyworld! YES! (A little background on me and Disney: I hadn’t gone much as a child but when I was 22 I went on my first real [Read On]

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