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Disney Character Word Scramble Activity Pages – Free Printable

I know it may seem a little bit cliché but I love all things Disney. Yes, I’m a grown up but I’ll still down to cuddle up on the couch and stream Disney+ all day long. I sing all of the songs, recite lines and appreciate the innocence of the storylines. Today I’ve got a fun Disney Character Word Scramble for you to play with the family.

Disney definitely gives me the best nostalgic vibes. I just can’t help adoring the Disney characters that I grew up with. In truth, I turn to them in hard times for comfort and the feel-good vibes they put into the world. 

These days more than ever I salute Disney for their tireless work releasing old favorites and creating new, memorable heroes for todays youth. Unfortunately for me, I live a little far to be taking a much needed trip to the magical world of Disney, so I have to make the magic myself here at home. 

With a young daughter at home in need of laughter and fun, I decided to come up with a few entertaining games for her that in turn will be shared with my readers as well. This particular printable is the most fun for those little ones who like to be challenged and who are emerging readers. Plus it’s a fun way to work on spelling skills!

Whether you’re stuck inside because of lousy weather, quarantining, or just looking to bring in some magic for a family game night, the Disney Character Word Scramble is a low-key yet fun way to pass the time. You and your little ones will have fun searching for goofy favorites, heroic street-rats and sassy dust-welding fairies. 

This fun printable comes with 4 different word scrambles pages with 4 separate answer keys. To make this a fun game you can give everyone a different sheet and whomever finishes correctly first wins! Or you can give everyone the same sheet. There are many ways you can play!

You can also simply use the word scramble printables for a great way to pass time by.

Download your free Disney Character Scramble Printable here!

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