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20 Amazing Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

These traditional Thanksgiving dinner recipes are perfect for hosting, or bringing a dish to pass, for your holiday dinner! From the turkey all the way to the pies, here you will find every traditional dish you would have at Thanksgiving dinner all in one place. 

All of these delicious Thanksgiving dinner recipes will have everyone you are sharing this special family meal with asking for more. So get ready for a fun filled, loving and thankful day with good food and even better company!

20 Amazing Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

Thanksgiving is such a great time to enjoy food with family and friends. Make sure you have the right dishes for your meal with this awesome list of traditional dishes.

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Saturday 13th of November 2021

It was perfect, and I did not use bay leaves (don’t like them). Still the dish was amazing. And the gremolata….i love raw garlic and had no problem with it. Visit us: