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5 Reasons Why I LOVED the Blogfest IdeaWorld Convention

by Nellie

5 Reasons Why I LOVED the Blogfest IdeaWorld Convention in Las Vegas

Last year, I declared 2017 the year of the conference. I’d invest a ton of time and money into blog conferences and would decide on which ones I would move forward with int he years to come. I have had a lot of great experiences so far, and a lot of not so great experiences. I am SO excited to tell you guys about the IDEA World & Blogfest Conference, as it was my favorite conference of the year, hands down!

What is Blogfest / Idea World?

FOR OVER 35 YEARS, passionate individuals from all intersections of fitness and wellness have converged in one location to find new ways to lead their communities toward greater health and happiness. This year, 10,000 personal trainers, group fitness instructors, club and studio owners and managers, mind-body professionals and nutrition professionals from over 60 countries will celebrate this monumental IDEA anniversary and, together, discover the tools and strategies necessary to truly effect global change for years to come.

Blogfest is a fun addition to the IDEA World Conference that provides two days of blog education, workouts and workshops. So basically it’s the conference of my dreams with the perfect trifecta of high level fitness brands, fun workouts and education all in one conference.

Did I mention it was in Sunny Las Vegas?! But I’ll leave that for a separate post. 🙂

Here are 5 reasons why I absolutely LOVED the Idea World /BlogFest Conference

Bloggy Knowledge: Even though I’ve been to many conferences this year and I’ve learned a TON there were some really awesome sessions offered at Blogfest. Sessions that included ways to work smarter and not harder by repurposing old content by Katy Widrick was clutch because I have over 1000 posts here on BAM and she gave me some awesome ways to breathe new life into them. I also picked up some great tips from brand panels and other out of the box conference sessions.

Brand New Friends: Every conference I make new contacts but there is something about making new fitness bloggy contacts. That connection is a little bit more special. It’s like finding someone new in your tribe that gets what you write about. It’s really just like coming home.

The Idea World Expo: I can’t even put into words how awesome this expo was. It was probably the best expo I’ve ever seen in my life. I thought the NYC Marathon Expo was amazing, but man this one? A dream come true. Since the conference caters to pretty much EVERY single person in the fitness industry, every single major fitness brand was in attendance. From workouts like HIGH Fitness and STRONG By Zumba to big box brands like Reebok and BOSU.

The even more awesome part? You could take part in the workouts right there on the expo floor–you could jump into a spin class, or box on a heavy bag, jump into a dance workout, hang in aerial yoga, jump on a treadmill, stretch in pilates, pull on TRX–YOU NAME IT. It truly felt like a playground made for me!

Specialized Trainings: During the IDEA World conventions, The fitness professionals get a chance to learn from the best brands in fitness while earning credits towards maintaining their certifications. Schwinn was there with a full set of bikes teaching cycling, I attended a personalized training on how to recover using TRX which was SO cool! There was all kinds of training all day, from STEP to SPIN to Pilates and everything in between. The best part is, you can choose the classes that YOU are interested in, but be sure to choose early because the popular ones get booked FAST!

Workouts!: I’ve been to many fitness conferences including Fitbloggin and a few more, but I have NEVER been to a conference where I could workout so often! There were mini classes being held during the expo, folks were on bikes, doing aerial yoga, dance fitness, pilates, BOSU classes, treadmill, boxing–you name it. The best part is, you could spend the entire day trying out new classes–as long as your body will let you! At one point I jumped off a spin bike and shimmied my way into a STRONG by Zumba class!

IDEA World Convention 2017 Blogfest

In addition to the classes on the floor of the expo, there are classes in the conference rooms as well. If you love fitness, you will be like a kid in a candy store. So much awesome fitness at your fingertips and it is actually really hard to choose where you want to move your body. (Such a fun problem to have!)

IDEA World Convention 2018

The conference next year will be held in beautiful San Diego from June 27 to July 1. God willing I will be there! I had a really great time, and will really know how to maximize my time while I am there.

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Have you ever been to a fitness conference? What area of fitness would you want to know more about?

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Janine Huldie August 14, 2017 - 8:03 am

I admit I have never even heard of this conference, but then again not really a fitness blogger as you know. But still looks like a great experience and definitely loved learning more about it here from you 😉

Kita August 14, 2017 - 9:11 am

This looks so cool and I would actually like to go to this and I’m not even into fitness.

Allie August 14, 2017 - 4:18 pm

Gah!!! I have heard nothing but greatness about this event for YEARS and now you have confirmed it for me! It’s usually in July (I think?) and so the timing is always off for me BUT next year in San Diego just may work since the boys are dying to go to Legoland…
Love the pictures and ALL the info!!

Tamara August 18, 2017 - 11:34 am

This looks like a haven for you! I’ve never been to a fitness conference because it might be an overwhelming fit for me! But you never know!
I need a year of the conference. It wasn’t 2017, I’ll tell you that!


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