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How To Create Your Own At Home Summer Camp (Free Printable)

There are so many reasons to stay home this summer, and let’s face it–now that school is over, we are going to need some fun things for our kids to do this summer! Since we are all likely to be home a lot more than normal, here is an easy guide to create your own at home summer camp.

School Is Over … Now What?

I know every state is different when it comes to the end of the school year, but NYC JUST finished school last week. Some states have been out for as many as 6 weeks! As tough as distance learning is/was I really wasn’t prepared to fill that time gap that school occupied.

I signed up my son for a virtual creative writing class once and week, and my other son is taking vocal lessons virtually on the weekends but that still leaves a LOT of time to fill for the rest of the week.

At Home Summer Camp Ideas

This free printable that I have for you today gives you a fun guide on how to create your own summer camp at home. The best part is that you can choose a theme a week or repeat themes if you want to.

Some of the theme suggestions include:











Rain forest


Dr. Seuss

Super Heroes


Around the World

Next, choose which themes you want to do for each week. Then you brainstorm the activities of what you might want to do, for example for your Disney week you may want to watch these feel good Disney movies, or make some matching treats like these Alien Jello Cups from Toy Story or even these Aladdin themed Magic Carpet treats. And if you want the smaller kids to participate, you can use Disney themed coloring pages such as these from The Little Mermaid and Ralph Breaks The Internet.

Then list which supplies you might need for your projects and use the convenient supplies list.

It’s a great way to plan your summer and have a lot of fun doing it! You can re-use this printable as often as needed and stick to the plan every week!

Download your free At Home Summer Camp Printable here!