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Summer Schedule Activities For Kids – Free Printable

As summer gets closer and closer, you’re probably wondering what you’ll need to do to keep your children entertained. Use this printable Super Summer Schedule to avoid running out of fun-filled learning experiences.

School is almost out for the summer, so what’s next? You’ll want to keep your children learning, engaged, and entertained, but you might worry that they’ll quickly get bored and run out of fun things to do. Not to worry!

You can use this Super Summer Schedule Printable to keep track of all the different activities you’ll do with them throughout the week. It’s the perfect way to stay on top of your schedule and keep your kids occupied during those long summer months!

Make It Monday

Use each Monday as the perfect day to make something. Whether it’s tie-dye t-shirts, painted rocks, or even handprint art, there are dozens of items you can make each month with the kiddos!

Take a Trip Tuesday

Let Tuesday become the day you’ll head out on an adventure with the children. You can take them to a local park, museum, or even one of your favorite stores. There are plenty of options!

Wildcard Wednesday

Spend the hump day doing something out of the ordinary! You might want to watch a movie with the kids, go bicycling on a hiking trail or even paint a mural together. Your kids will look forward to those random Wednesdays!

Thoughtful Thursday

Teach compassion to your children each Thursday by doing something kind for others. You can bake treats for the neighbors, volunteer to hand out food to those in need, or even pick up trash from around the neighborhood.

Foodie Friday

Make each Friday all about food by getting your children to try some new things. Head out to a frozen yogurt shop, make pancake animals, or prepare no-bake cookie balls together.

Selfless Saturday

Be kind and selfless each Saturday with the children by donating old clothes and toys, participating in a community cleanup, or creating care packages for the homeless. Your children will love being little helpers!

Spontaneous Sunday

As the perfect way to finish off the week, spend Sunday doing something spontaneous. Take a trip to the beach, go mini-golfing, or have an at-home spa day for a relaxing evening.

Use the Super Summer Schedule Printable to have easy access to fresh, fun ideas for your children throughout the week. You’ll make tons of great memories with the kids while staying active and keeping busy.

Click here to download your Summer Schedule Activities Packet!

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