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5 Unconventional Tips For New Runners

Starting out on a brand new running journey can be hard, Check out my 5 Unconventional Tips for new runners that I wish someone had told me!

Starting out on a brand new running journey can be hard, Check out my 5 Unconventional Tips for new runners that I wish someone had told me!

Even though I’ve been running for a long time, I am still learning new things about running every single day. I read blog posts from my favorite runners, I read articles on line, I listen to podcasts–and the learning NEVER ends! Just four short years ago I decided to start taking my running seriously and run longer and longer distances. It has been a complete roller coaster, from the very high highs of personal records and running like the wind, to the very low lows of never wanting to lace up my sneakers to run again. Running is a wild beast that simply cannot be controlled!

There are a few things that I wish I absolutely knew before I really started putting in consistent miles every single week. Things that I had heard whispers about but didn’t really KNOW until I experienced it myself. Don’t worry, I’m here to share these things so that YOU don’t get caught out there like I did!

5 Unconventional Tips For New Runners

  1. You will chafe. And it will hurt.: I will admit, I had read some of tales of chafing and while I felt sympathy for the people in pain, I had never experienced it in my very short career of running. That was until I ran my very first half marathon in a monsoon. My husband had to peel my wet clothes off of me (trust me there was NOTHING sexy about this) and he discover a series of welts all along my back where my bra had attacked my skin. Chafing can pretty much happen anywhere (YES, EVEN THERE) so I suggest always having a small tube of glide to put on yourself BEFORE you run. Trust me, you will thank me later.
  2. Don’t compare: This seems super cliche, but it’s the realest advice ever. When I started racing I’d get super disappointed when I see people running faster and pretty much dusting me behind. Then I’d get further in the race and realize and sometimes pass that person! When you race, the only person you have to beat is yourself. That is it.
  3. Don’t only run: 11 years ago I started running every single day. I ran 4-5 miles a day. I did this for three months straight, the weight was falling off, there was no reason to stop right? Except I injured my knee pretty bad. I wasn’t taking any rest days and I wasn’t doing any cross training. I’ve noticed now that I actually have better training runs after strength training or spinning. Vary your workouts while improving your running–it will help you, trust me!
  4. Go for a walk: I know this sounds crazy right? I remember a couple of days when training runs seemed impossible–either my body or my mind did NOT want to cooperate. Sometimes taking ALL the pressure off with a walk can really get you in the right frame of mind to run.
  5. Don’t Drink at every water station: It’s tempting, I know. In my first marathon I was fixated on drinking gatorade AND water at every mile. That adds up to a lot of liquid doesn’t it?! I am pretty sure that is why I ended up feeling so awful at the end. Drink whatever works for you, practice different consumptions, sometimes it might be a little better to skip a drink station if you are in the zone, or don’t need any hydration at the moment.

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What are some running tips for new runners that you would share that no one ever told you?

Nitish Banka

Thursday 1st of November 2018

Thank you for perfect guide for running and techniques are helpful.


Friday 26th of January 2018

Love this! I always worry more about being overhydrated than under. I feel like your body tells you instantly for one, but not much the other.


Wednesday 24th of January 2018

Chafing was such a surprise to me when I started running! Great tips for new runners, especially taking rest days and doing more than just running - becoming a runner isn't an excuse to skip the weights!

Janine Huldie

Wednesday 24th of January 2018

I admit I am not much of a runner as you know. But seriously think it is awesome when you share your personal running advice with others who are just starting out running who may need some hep and advice. So,t hank you for sharing from your own experiences here, as well as others, too.


Wednesday 24th of January 2018

I think every runner has a "good" chafing story because it's so unexpected! I usually make a point of telling new runners that now so I'm so glad to see it at the top of your list!! And the drinking thing...I didn't even realize someone may drink at EVERY station - OMG you must have been so bloated by the end! Great stuff here, as usual and I love this round up :-)