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Reusable Third Grade Multiplication Worksheets {Free Printable}

Third grade math–especially multiplication has been, quite the interesting time around these parts. I remember when I was in the third grade, my mom took away my Sega Genesis, my TV time, my books and most importantly my outdoor play until I knew my multiplication tables backwards and forwards.

Things have changed A LOT in 20+ years and it has been a bit of a learning curve for me as a mother to keep up. Back in my day we memorized it until it was a permanent part of the brain, now the schools have new methods for basic multiplication that require a whole lot of thinking and a lot more “figuring out” that I am accustomed to.

Being home with the kids full time has made me ask myself more than once “Are you smarter than a 3rd grader?” However, with multiplication, I feel strongly that knowing their times tables back to front in a critical life skill. Figuring it out is fine, but being able to do basic multiplication fast is something I don’t mind teaching my kids on my own.

So I created some multiplication sheets. I wanted something that they could physically touch, write on, erase, and carry with them wherever we go. I also wanted them to get used to forward and backward multiplication problems. These sheets start at zero and go all the way up to twelve. I put the page with the blank problems on one side and the answers on the other side for easy study reference. I put the pages opposite of each other, (Or you can print them double sided), laminate, and just like that you can use a dry or wet erase marker to write answers on over and over until it’s memorized.

Multiplication can be learned many different ways, check out these printable multiplication table sheets to help your student memorize their times tables!

How To Create Reusable Multiplication Worksheets

What you will need:

  • Copy Paper (Or card stock)
  • Printer
  • Laminator
  • Dry or Wet Erase marker
  1. Print out both the answer keys and the blank multiplication tables. Put the answer table on the opposite side of the blank table. (For example, 0 answer on the back of 0 Blank)
  2. Put both papers into the empty laminating envelope
  3. Laminate and you are ready to go!

Download The Full File of 0-12 Multiplication Worksheets here.

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How are you teaching your kids multiplication tables? The traditional or non traditional way?


Thursday 25th of January 2018

Oh man, yes. I have a 3rd grader. I remember just memorizing the multiplication table. I still have it down. It's so different now that I had Scarlet show me how she arrived at answers, so I'd know how to help her with homework!


Monday 22nd of January 2018

Girl whatttttt I need this machine and the paper because I have a 3rd grader and this multiplication is working my nerves

Janine Huldie

Monday 22nd of January 2018

These are great! We made it through multiplication here and are now knew deep in division for my third grader. But I still have one more to go with the second grader clearly going to be in need of multiplication help next year. So totally using your reusable multiplication sheets when the time comes next year for her. So can't thank you enough for these sheets now!! :)