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20 Fantastic Thanksgiving Appetizers To Serve This Year

When it comes to Thanksgiving Dinner, I love to plan an experience. From the appetizers, to the main dishes, to the dessert–I want my guests to enjoy a wonderful flavor profile and leave feeling that they have had a 5 star experience. The best dinner starts with great starters so here are 20 awesome and tasty Thanksgiving appetizers that you will absolutely enjoy!

If you are anything like me, Fall is your favorite time of year. It’s a fantastic time for gathering and really reflecting on what you are grateful for during the year. Although this year is really, really different by any stretch of the imagination, we can still have a really great meal.

Here are some fantastic options for little dishes that will start your meal in the most perfect way. There are options for many different tastes and you may even get inspired by a new idea! Either way, I hope your Thanksgiving Day is extremely safe and especially tasty. You totally deserve it.

Check out some great Thanksgiving appetizers that are a great way to start the meal. If you end up making any of these please let me know. I love seeing your food creations.

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20 Fantastic Thanksgiving Appetizers To Serve This Year

Appetizers are such a fun way to start a great meal, but do you have the right ones? Check out and get inspired by these options for Thanksgiving appetizers!

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