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Valentine’s Day Games: Wacky Question and Answer Printable

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays and it’s not because I love roses or chocolates, it’s because it is a fun day of LOVE. Today I’ve got fun Valentine’s Day Games — a 13 page free printable download for the kids that is a fun kids version of Cards against humanity but all PG of course!

It’s that time of the year again, time for love and romance, for sweet and heartfelt gestures, cute and affectionate presents and tokens, and time to let all of the people that you love in life know just how much they mean to you. Spreading the love is a wonderful thing to do, and there are tons of fun, and thoughtful, ways in which you can do it.

Love Notes

This is a gesture that can be done for anyone in your life on Valentine’s Day from your siblings to your children, from your parents to your spouse. Take the time to write each person that is special to you a short, but very sweet note, telling them how you feel about them, and including something about them that you think is just great.

Attach a heart shaped chocolate or candy of some kind to give a little love to their sweet tooth as well. Once the love notes are all ready, hide them some place where the recipient is sure to find them.

This could be in your children’s lunch bags, your coworker’s desk drawer, your husband’s briefcase, or your parents’ mail box. The caring gesture is one that will be sure to touch the hearts of the people in your life.

Secret Gift

Giving a gift of some sort to someone who has touched your life, without them knowing who it is from, is a fun way to spread some love on Valentine’s Day, and the mystery of the gift will add a little more excitement to the act.

This person the lady down the hall in your apartment building who sometimes drops of home cooked meals, the guy next door who has taken a look at a leaky faucet for you more than once, or the secretary at work who always goes the extra mile to lend a hand.

Whoever the deserving person is, a small token of your appreciation is a great way to say thank you this Valentine’s Day! The gift could be as simple as a box of chocolates or flowers, or something more personal that you know they would enjoy. The value of the gift is not what’s most important with this loving gesture, but the intent behind it.

Lunch for One and All

Spreading the love at the work place, your classroom if you are a student or even a teacher, or in any group which you are a part of, is a wonderful thing to do on Valentines Day, and the perfect way to do this is by having a lunch date with the whole crew! Check out these 50 Kid Friendly Valentine’s Day Recipes!

You can order take out with large value deals, pack a picnic lunch of sandwiches and other finger foods, or if its within your budget, take them out all somewhere for lunch. Doing something like this is the ideal way to spread the love through out your work place. You could even bake and bring in these amazing festive Red Velvet Muffins with Cream Cheese Streudel!

Start a Love Email Chain

Similar to a chain letter, an email chain is a great way to spread the love on Valentine’s Day. You can start this email chain in several ways. You can find a sentimental poem about friendship and copy it into the email, write your own poem or verse to add to the email, or simply write a short note expressing your own thoughts.

Send it to everyone in your email address book, complete with instructions for each and every person to do the same. By the end of the email chain, hundreds of people will have received the thoughtful message!

As the saying goes, love makes the world go round, and helping to spread this love is a way in which everyone can try to make the world a happier place on Valentine’s Day and all the year through.

Valentine’s Day Game: Wacky Question And Answer Kids Game

So this super fun cards of humanity style of game is super easy to play – Here are the rules:

Each player draws a question card and 5 answer cards.

Players take turns presenting their question card, and the other players try to match the funniest answer card to that question.

The player who presented the question chooses the funniest answer and the play who presented it earns a point.

At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins!

–> Wacky Question and Answer Game Free Download <–

If you are looking for more Valentine’s Day Party Games be sure to check out this full list from Play Party Plan!

Do you play games during Valentine’s Day festivities?

Janine Huldie

Tuesday 7th of January 2020

This game seriously looks like so much fun and have to try it with my kids now. Totally pinning and shared, too!! :)