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Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt Free Printable Game

Birthday parties are such a fun time for kids! Celebrate with this super fun and easy Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt Free Printable Sheet!

Awesome birthday parties boast the best games. Try these birthday party activities, suitable for any age, to ensure birthday party success.

Every parent wants her child’s birthday party to fill the child with wonderful memories. Thoughtfully plan and smartly emphasize fun activities to keep the stress to a minimum. Most importantly, this makes the experience special and memorable to the child. Generate lots of opportunities for fun, using these simple, inexpensive games for kids.

Silver Nugget Hunt

Most kids enjoy a good hunt. That’s one of the reasons they get so excited every year at the prospect of an Easter egg hunt. The adventure doesn’t have to be exclusive to Easter, though. Hosting a hunt at the birthday party will create excitement and a sense of adventure.

Instead of using eggs, silver nuggets work well. Collect party favors, candy, coins, and trinkets that will go into the nugget. Then, simply wrap each goodie in tin foil. Not only are they easy to prepare, they are also an excellent size and color for hunting.

Capture the Flag

This game takes a little time to execute, but no prep work is involved. The only thing needed is a large area with objects to hide and maneuver around, and two cloths. Wooded areas or playgrounds work well. Capture the flag is an adventure game, and kids love the idea of being on a quest.

Divide the players into two teams. Each team is assigned half of the play area as their territory. Each team hides their flag, and chooses one or two people to guard it.The remaining players try to capture the other team’s flag, while not getting tagged. The first team to grab the other’s flag wins. This game teaches strategy and camaraderie and gives the kids a chance to be heroes.

Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course with any objects that are available. Make it age appropriate and a offer a rewarding prize at the end of the course. Obstacle courses serve as an outlet to kids’ abundant energy, and a chance to improve their skills in a supportive group.

One element that kids seem to love in obstacle courses is a water activity. A small pool of water can be incorporated into the course for players to run through. Sprinklers or plastic water slides can be used, too. For some mysterious reason, if the kids get wet, their fun increases tenfold.

Here are some super fun birthday recipes to serve at the party:

Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt – Free Printable

This birthday party scavenger hunt free printable is fun to play with kids to see if they can check everything off the list!

Download your copy of the Scavenger Hunt here!

The best way to host a great birthday party is to imagine being in the children’s shoes. Have fun!