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7 Easy Tips For Clean Eating On The Go

7 Tips For Clean Eating On the Go

Does your day start involve juggling a crazy number of tasks, meeting deadlines and getting back home with your sanity intact? You’re not alone! Millions around the globe follow a super hectic lifestyle, with little or no time to actually focus on their health and lifestyle goals, and if starting with clean eating habits seems like too far fetched an idea right now, here’s a bit of help your way.

Read on to discover 7 tips for clean eating on the go – even with your busy schedule.

Prep On Weekends

Planning is the easiest way to get things done – even if it is a healthy eating routine. Plan your week’s meals in advance, and prep for them – preferably on a weekend. Make sure you have all the produce and items needed to prep the meals and get them finished in the following week. Sometimes, it just takes one missing ingredient to tempt you to just ditch it altogether and order takeout.

Innovate the Salads

While clean eating isn’t always synonymous with salads and greens, making them a part of your meal is the way to go! Look up some delicious salad recipes online and experiment with different veggies and additions to find what works best for you (and your taste buds). Check out my favorite Brussels Sprouts Salad recipe here.

This incredibly easy brussels sprouts salad features pecans, bacon, cranberries and feta cheese! Impress your guests with this alternative to regular salad!

Choose Healthy Snacks

One of the simplest and most practical ways to start clean eating on the go is to choose healthy snacks. You might be tempted to grab a bag of chips or chomp down an energy bar (that’s healthy no?), but wait! Resist the urge and avoid processed and packaged food as much as you can- even that energy bar. Instead, keep some healthy snacks handy – think nuts, fresh fruit, popcorn (minus the butter) etc.

Drink Smart

Another super effective way to switch to implement clean eating on the go is to keep yourself hydrated- the right way. Swap those energy drinks and sodas for regular water, coconut water or fruit infused waters. Invest in a bottle that holds 2 liters of water, and fill it up every single day, making sure you finish it all before the end of the day.

Mason Jar It

You’ll be amazed at the simplicity and effortlessness of mason jar meals once you give it a shot! Everything from noodles to salads work wonderfully in them, and they also significantly reduce the hassle that goes into cooking and storing. Here is an awesome Zucchini Chicken Salad In A Jar recipe for you to try!

This Zucchini Noodle Salad with chicken recipe is fun to make and put in a mason jar for an easy healthy make ahead lunch for work. Clean eating made super easy with meal prepping. #mealprep #cleaneats

Sauce Wonders

There’s nothing better that some delicious sauce to take your boring, bland meals up a notch, and believe it or not, the right sauces can actually help you initiate the effort to start clean eating on the go and stick to it too!

Spend some time looking for recipes to recreate some good sauces and dressings in your kitchen, whip them up in a large batch on a holiday, and store them to be used for as long as they last. This helps you save up on a lot of time and also reduces the amount of processed foods you put into whipping up your meals.

Keep it Simple

This easy to prepare blueberry banana smoothie will start your day with a delicious healthy drink, that will give you energy and keep you going. It's not only good for you, it's tastes good too!

Last, but definitely not the least, remember to keep it simple. The less time and effort you have to put into it, the more likely you’ll be able to stick to it for a longer period of time. In the end, it is all about choosing whole foods, preferably organic, and that have undergone minimal amount of processing.

Clean eating is actually a deceptively simple concept, and once you bring it into your life, you’ll find how easy it is to actually follow it, and how wonderfully it can help improve your energy levels and overall health.

Hopefully these tips for clean eating on the go are helpful and if you need to get started with your exercise routine don’t forget these tips on how to start a gym routine, a strength training routine or even how to get started with running.

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Ready to take the plunge into clean eating but not sure how to get onto it with your hectic lifestyle? Here are 7 tips for clean eating on the go!

Do you have any tips for clean eating on the go?

Janine Huldie

Monday 6th of January 2020

What absolutely perfect tips and seriously trying to get back on the wagon as far as healthier eating after the holidays. So perfect timing for your advice on how to do so here. Thanks, Nellie :)