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Unexpected Ways to Celebrate the Holidays at Walt Disney World

Christmas at Walt Disney World is a blast. There are so many great ways to celebrate the traditions of Christmas, and even create some family traditions while you are on vacation there. Walt Disney World might be one of the most famous locations in America to celebrate Christmas.

There are special events, fantastic light shows, parades and even a whole festival dedicated to the holidays. If you are planning a Christmas vacation at Walt Disney World, chances are, you plan to partake in some of the holiday festivities that take place throughout the season.

While you are there, you may stumble upon some unexpected ways to celebrate the Holidays at Walt Disney World.

Blizzard Beach

This Waterpark is just as fun during the winter months as it is in summer. It’s open year-round, and the theme is of a sky resort in the middle of Florida. It’s the perfect place to cool off on a warm winter day in sunny Orlando.

Because of the theming throughout the park, you will get an authentic wintery vibe, unlike anywhere else in Walt Disney World. A Waterpark in Orlando has got to be one of the most unexpected ways to celebrate the holidays.

Winter Summer Land

Play a round of golf on the winter side of Winter Summerland. This fun miniature golf course features interactive holes and gags themed to Santa Claus himself. Stopping by Winter Summerland while in the Animal Kingdom resort area is a fun and festive way to add some holiday cheer to your vacation.

Year-Round Christmas Stores

There are three places in Walt Disney World that you can unexpectedly celebrate the Holidays all year. At the Magic Kingdom, Ye Olde Christmas Shop is open all year to guests in Liberty Square. In Epcot, you will find another Year-round Christmas shop in the Germany pavilion. Both stores feature plenty of decorated Christmas trees and ornaments.

At Disney Springs, Days of Christmas is yet another store that celebrates the holiday, no matter what time of year it is. Days of Christmas is also a popular place to meet Santa in Walt Disney World since it doesn’t require park admission. Which is great for your Disney Budget!

Celebrate in Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has been the least decorated park during the holiday season in previous years. Now, in a surprise turn of events, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is celebrating big!

There will be Christmas decor in every themed section of the park, but the biggest celebration will be on Discovery Island, where winter animals and unique lights will help convey an animal-inspired Christmas celebration.

The holiday upgrades at Disney’s Animal Kingdom include a new Tree of Life projection show that will feature wintery stories as images on the trunk of the tree stir into motion.

Holiday Sleigh Ride

One of the most unexpected ways to celebrate the holidays at Walt Disney World is the magical sleigh ride. Disney offers all kinds of recreation and leisure in the resort.

One fun way to add some romance to your evening is to take a ride on a horse drawn carriage in individual resorts. Port Orleans offers the service, and so does Fort Wilderness, which also has a Sleigh Ride option, just through December.

The sleigh is still a regular carriage, but it is festooned with garland and distinctive holiday decor to make the experience feel even more special.

For more about the Christmas Fun at Walt Disney World check out the Disney Parks Blog.

While you are in Walt Disney World, you may stumble upon some unexpected ways to celebrate the holidays during the year and at Christmas. #veryMerry #disneytips #disneyChristmas

Have you ever spent the holidays in Disney World?

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Janine Huldie

Friday 8th of November 2019

We will be back at Disney in 2 weeks now. So, this article couldn't have come at a better time as I am truly excited to celebrate the holidays Disney style now!! :)