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5 Cheap Disney World Secrets + FREE Disney Budget Planner

Walt Disney World is a full-service vacation destination that is far more than just the largest theme park resort on the planet. Although you will probably spend most of your time in the parks, there are plenty of other activities to do.

Some are even free or relatively cheap. There are also some neat activities you can do inside the parks at no extra charge. Here are some cheap Disney World activities to do while you are staying there on your next visit. Plus I’m sharing a free downloadable Disney Budget Planner to keep you on track! 

5 Cheap Disney World Secrets

Behind the Seeds Tour

There are many guided tour opportunities in each of the Walt Disney World parks. The Magic Kingdom and Epcot has the most, but most of them are pricey. The cost of the tours combines with the price of admission, so it isn’t a cheap experience most of the time.

However, One hidden gem in Epcot is the Behind the Seeds Tour, which is a lot less expensive than the others. The tour takes guests further into the greenhouse facilities in Disney’s The Land Pavilion, where much of the produce and fish for Disney World restaurants are farmed.

These are some cheap Disney World tips and activities to do on your next vacation. PLUS Here's a helpful free disney budget planner printable download to use! These worksheets are perfect for families as they include a children's spending planner sheet as well.#disneyworldtips #disneyonabudget #freeplanner #freevacationplanner

Recreation at the Resorts

Resort hopping is a free experience unless you want to pay a little more for certain activities. Exploring the different themed resorts is gratifying on its own. The transportation to get around Walt Disney World is free and especially fun if you travel by monorail or boat.

Each resort has a unique type of recreation, but many offer free or inexpensive activities, such as pole fishing at Port Orleans Riverside.

Disney Springs Marketplace

Disney Springs is not cheap unless you just window shop and don’t buy much. However, it’s a fantastic place to visit, and it does have a cheap section which is full of most of the main Disney Springs attractions.

The Marketplace is home to Earl of Sandwich a fan favorite for tight budgets. There are also fun rides like the Carousel and the Train that cost only a few dollars for little ones to ride.

Magic Kingdom Side Quests

Although most of the parks have some kind of interactive scavenger hunt to take you around the park, Magic Kingdom has two good free sidequests to take you deeper into the world of Disney.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is a card game that has participants go to key locations to complete a story through a series of magic windows. In this game, you aid Merlin in stopping Hades from taking over the Magic Kingdom.

There are also several Pirate Adventures you can do that will send you exploring around Adventureland. Register for free in the back of Adventureland, near the Golden Oak Trading Post.


Hunt For Pressed Pennies

Finally, the popular pastime of pressing pennies for souvenirs is going strong at Walt Disney World. The prices have recently gone up for each pressed penny. However, this price surge only illustrates the low cost of this particular hobby.

Even though autographs are free, you would need to buy 20 pressed pennies to match the cost of an autograph book. As Disney souvenirs go, pressed pennies remain relatively low, especially among other collectible options.

Disney Savings Planner

In addition, I am sharing with you an amazing Disney Savings Planner that will help you keep track of all of the expenses for everyone on your family trip. It is also a fantastic way to teach kids how to manage their allotted money on vacation.

Click here to get your free Disney Budget Planner and have a magical trip!

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How do you find your cheap Disney World activities?

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Janine Huldie

Wednesday 9th of October 2019

Pinned and shared as this article is seriously a great resource for all those looking for relatively inexpensive ways to spend time at Disney. So, thanks for sharing your tips and planner, too :)