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Christmas Countdown Game For Kids – Free Printable

Get your children excited for Christmas by using this adorable Christmas Countdown. It is the perfect way to get the children involved in counting down the days of the month leading to Christmas Day.

Christmas Countdown

Are you just as excited as the children for Christmas Day? There is a lot to be excited about. You will get to spend quality time with your closest loved ones, sharing gifts, and spreading cheer between one another.

You may look forward to having a delicious and fulfilling dinner together, along with tasty desserts that you only make around Christmas time. 

Because there is so much to look forward to, you can encourage the children to start counting down the days until Christmas using the Christmas Countdown.

The children may get more excited as they continue marking off days and get closer to the 25th, the day where they will get to open all their presents and spend time with their loved ones.

How to Use the Christmas Countdown

Using the Christmas Countdown is quite easy. You can hang it up on the wall of an area in your home, such as the dining room or kitchen.

Let your children take a look at it and then let them know that you need them to mark off each day throughout the month as each day passes. You can let them mark a day with a crayon, marker, or even a sticker. 

If you have some Christmas-themed stickers at home, it is a good idea to use those stickers to cover the days of the week. No matter which option you choose, simply make sure to keep up with the countdown. You can have the children cross the day off at the end of the night before you put them to sleep.

Not only is it a great way to get more excited for Christmas Day, but the Christmas Countdown will also encourage your little ones to be on their best behavior because they know Santa Claus is coming soon.

Download your Christmas Countdown and Have a Happy Holiday Season!

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