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7 Simple Tips To Prepare For A Half Marathon

It was just three short years ago that I ran my first half marathon. I have run a total of 14 half marathons at this point with some more on the calendar for this year!

I have learned some hard lessons while running these races and I am sharing them with you today. Running a half marathon may SEEM like an impossible feat for some but when you put in the right training and have all of your bases covered, you will have a great time!

7 Simple Tips To Prepare For A Half Marathon

Study The Route: This is VERY important. My first half marathon was an out and back race (twice). It was totally flat but I didn’t know how boring it would be to run the same route over and over. Know where your hills are so that you can mentally prepare, it is so helpful mentally to know the course before you go out and attack it!

Know Your Water Stations: Unless you carry your own water make a note of where the water stations are. I know that I need water after the first mile, there have been many races where water station simply wasn’t an option logistically (roads, etc.) so I know to start with a bottle of water that I will eventually get rid of once the water stations become more regular.

Mile 10 Is The Devil – I have never met a Mile 10 that was not. Prepare for it.

Find A Good Way To Carry Fuel – There are tons of options available, from flip belts, to fanny packs to simply carrying what ever you need in your bra. I’ve noticed what works best for me is either my marathon fanny pack, or simply having pockets in my race gear. Skirt Sports is fantastic for this and keeps all my fuel and even my phone in the skirt pocket.

Eat Your Breakfast – Sometimes in the rush of getting out of the door and to my location I have forgotten to eat breakfast. I paid for it every single time. To prevent making this mistake of not eating before a race make sure you set up your breakfast the night before!

Test Your Race Day Gear – This is an old tip, but it’s a true one. Gear that might be good for 4 miles may not be so good for 13.1!

Warm Up: This is important. I didn’t realize how important it was to warm up until I ran a few miles before a race for marathon training, and ended up running better than I ever have. Most times I don’t end up feeling all that great in a race until mile 3. Warming up makes a huge difference! (6 Dynamic Warm Ups For Runners).

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I am linking up with some other amazing fitness bloggers to chat more Race Day Tips!

Check out these 7 Tips To Prepare For Your First Half Marathon! Run your best race and be as prepared as you can!


What would you add to the list tp prepare for a half marathon? Did you learn anything new?


Friday 10th of March 2017

That's interesting! I wonder what it is about mile 10 that makes it not good for anyone. Is it physical or emotional or both? I would think water stations is key!


Wednesday 8th of March 2017

I ran with my own hydration and fuel for years before I started trusting aid stations. :) Now I run with my own hydration for marathons but for half marathons I usually leave the belt at home.


Wednesday 8th of March 2017

Warming up - definitely learnt the importance of it. Helps me get into racing groove sooner, rather than later. Thanks for sharing these tips at such an opportune time as I tackle my first half in a couple of days.


Wednesday 8th of March 2017

Good luck to you!!


Wednesday 8th of March 2017

Carrying fuel properly is so important! I've had too many races where I was juggling my fuel - awkward!


Wednesday 8th of March 2017

Omg me too!!


Wednesday 8th of March 2017

Isn't that the truth about mile 10? That must be why I love 10 mile races! LOL!


Wednesday 8th of March 2017

Haha makes total sense