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10 Beyonce Songs You Need In Your Workout Playlist

10 Beyonce Songs You Need In Your Workout Playlist

It’s no secret that I am huge Beyonce fan. I have loved her music since the very first Destiny’s Child single and have enjoyed her beautiful rise to the top. With so many albums, there are so many songs that grace my workout playlist but there are a few in particular that are *perfect* for your workouts.

Lose My Breath: This is actually one of my favorite workout songs of all time especially for sprints or some other hard cardio. Usually you are losing your breath and the beat is just so dope!

Grown Woman: The minute I heard this song I was in love. The African beat and the dancing in the video is just so awesome! Plus the message is so strong and beautiful.

Ring The Alarm: This song…gets me SO hype every time I hear it! The beat is SO great and you feel every single word she sings!

End Of Time: This is probably one of my top three all time Bey songs. I love the hook, the devotion and especially the beat. “Promise not to let you go…” so good.

Run The World: This should be on EVERY woman’s playlist! I especially love to add this song to my race day play list because I tend to take the word “run” quite literally. 🙂

Get Me Bodied: This song!! When it comes on in the club my girlfriends and I pretty much go nuts. I remember that this song was particularly hot during my bachelorette party almost 10 years ago and we went completely insane when this song came on!

Survivor: Obviously this song is super inspirational but do you remember the video? Those bikinis were amazing! Motivation if I’ve ever seen it.

Bootylicious: Still one of my all time favorite that celebrates the booty and dismisses all the men. Perfection.

Formation: This. Song. Ok. I’ll admit when I first heard about the song all my friends were losing their minds and I didn’t really want to follow behind the crowd. Then I heard the song for myself and realized I was witnessing next level Bey. There are so many messages in this song that just happens to be over an amazing beat!

Check On It: YAS old school Beyonce! I still remember trying to mimic her dance moves in my room.

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Do you have any of these on your workout playlist? Which one is your favorite? Which ones am I missing?!


Thursday 9th of March 2017

This is one of my favorite posts ever! Definitely agree with every option listed. End of time just might top me list. And Run the World is a favorite of my Zumba students


Monday 6th of March 2017

Good good stuff. We love her here. Scarlet loves her so much and says, "No one sings like her but I hope I do one day" and so we try to examine her songs. Scarlet loves "Single Ladies" and "All Night." I love "All Night," "Halo", and "Smash Into You." My three aren't very workout worthy, are they? Maybe for my hiking.

Kimberly G

Monday 6th of March 2017

Run the World is one of my favorite Beyonce songs for a workout!

If you want, add this post to TunesTuesday post tomorrow! I co-host the link up with 2 other awesome bloggers.

kita bryant

Monday 6th of March 2017

Lose my breath and survivor are my fav's. Now you got me moving this morning lol

Janine Huldie

Monday 6th of March 2017

Always looking for new songs to add to my workout play list. So, what can I say but thank you for sharing some of your favorite Beyonce ones here!! :)