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Star Wars Characters in Disney World: Where Are They?

Looking for Star Wars characters in Walt Disney World? There is only one place to find them. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the Star Wars capital of Walt Disney World. This park has been the official park of Star Wars since Star Tours was first introduced to the park in 1990. Now, it is in the attractions, entertainment and character locations around the park. Here’s where to find Star Wars characters in Disney World.

I’m headed to Disney World for the opening of Galaxy’s Edge as a part of a Disney hosted media trip with the Permission To Hustle ladies in just over a week and I am SO excited to experience it all! Be sure to check back real soon because I will be sharing ALL the things! I also plan to go live and shoot tons of video so be sure to hang out with me on Facebook too!

Plus I got to meet so many cool Star Wars Characters at the Star Wars 10k earlier this year! Check out my recap of that fun race!

The 2019 Star Wars Rival Run Weekend 10k was one of the most fun and challenging races ever. Check out the full recap and why you should totally run this race!

Star Wars Launch Bay

The first place you want to go in Hollywood Studios to meet Star Wars Characters is the Star Wars Launch Bay. This walkthrough exhibit in the animation courtyard offers guests– among other things– a chance to meet and greet with Chewbacca, BB-8, or Kylo Ren. These character experiences have Fastpass and you can check wait times on the My Disney Experience app.

March of the First Order

During your day in the park you may sense a disturbance in the force as the imposing presence of Storm Troopers suddenly commands your attention. This demonstration lead by Captain Phasma is one of the many pieces of Star Wars entertainment you can experience throughout the day. We were able to experience this for the first time at the Disney Social Media Celebration a few years ago and it was the coolest!

Jedi Training Academy

Jedi training is essential for young padawans who are sensitive to the force. This experience for kids is open to registrants, but space is limited. You can sign your kids up for the experience inside the park.

The Jedi training is a show/class, where kids are trained on stage in the ways of the Jedi. They will learn Jedi fighting moves before their final test– the ultimate confrontation with Darth Vader, or Darth Maul.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

When Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opens on August 29 it will be a new place for Star Wars Characters in Disney World. Not much is known yet about what will become of the rest of the Star Wars theming throughout Hollywood Studios, but we do expect Characters to be present in the new Star Wars section of the park. Among these characters are, Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, Storm Troopers, and Rey.

Oga’s Cantina will feature tunes spun by a familiar looking DJ. DJ R3X may be better remembered as RX-24, the inexperienced pilot of the Starspeeder 300. Let’s hope he’s better with iTunes than he is with spaceships.

The Ultimate Star Wars Experience

You can make advance reservations through Walt Disney World for a guided tour through the park that will include every bit of Star Wars based entertainment and Star Wars characters in Disney World.  The $93 tour does not include park admission. Call 407-WDW-PLAY for reservations.

The 2019 Star Wars Rival Run Weekend 10k was one of the most fun and challenging races ever. Check out the full recap and why you should totally run this race!

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Are you looking forward to Galaxy’s Edge? Who are your favorite star wars characters in Disney World?

Janine Huldie

Tuesday 20th of August 2019

Omg, the conference you are attending sounds amazing! I am not even sure how I missed the momo on this one. But cannot wait now to hear all about your first-hand experience with the new Star Wars Land, as well as Food and Wine. I will be back in Disney in November for Food and Wine, MVMCP and hoping to get into Star Wars Land then. So, I will definitely be looking for more backstage info from you here soon now :)