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Budget Friendly Kid Snacks to Buy at Walt Disney World

Budget friendly kid snacks are not that difficult to come by in Walt Disney World. You just have to know where to look. Of course, many of the most popular snacks are more expensive and the prices keep hiking. However, these snacks will not only be better for your kids, they’re all under $5.

(Please be advised prices are subject to change)

Dole Whip/Citrus Swirl $4.99

First off, this is the most expensive snack on the list. It’s also one of the most popular Disney snacks of all time. At Disney World, there are now several places to get this treat, too.

The Pineapple flavor is available in Adventureland and in the Africa section of Animal Kingdom. It’s at the Polynesian Village resort as well. Other places serve similar soft serve treats around Magic Kingdom, like Sunshine Tree Terrace and Storybook Treats.

Mini Babybel Snack Cheese $3.49

You can find Babybel cheese at any place in Disney World that has market in the name. Babybel snack cheese is a popular staple of fruit carts in Disney World and the proud sponsor of Woody’s Lunch Box in Hollywood Studios. At $3.49 it makes a delicious protein filled snack.

Warm Fresh Baked Chocolate Chunk Cookie $3.29

Not all kid friendly snacks have to be healthy. It’s Disney World after all. Some snacks are way to big and to indulgent for kids most of the time and expensive, too. There’s nothing wrong with going big on vacation, but sometimes it just makes more sense to get a simple chocolate chunk cookie.

A word of advice about these cookies: They are found everywhere, but pay attention to the menu. At certain locations they call it a Warm Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookie, while at others it is just Chocolate Chip Cookie. It’s the same price either way.

Mickey Shaped Veggie Chips $2.99

It’s really hard for even an adult to resist getting a Mickey Mouse shaped treat at Disney World. It’s part of the experience. Kids more than anybody deserve to be in on the fun. Even if you are going healthy, you don’t have to deprive your child of the enjoyment of sinking teeth into that lovable rodents head.

Mickey Shaped veggie chips check off all the boxes. It’s a crunchy, delicious, fun to eat, better for you snack; and yes, it has ears. It’s the cheapest mickey shaped item you can buy and it’s available at many grab and go locations.

Whole Fruit or Pickle Under $3.00

Last, and well…probably least, there is fresh fruit in abundance at the Disney Parks. You can actually get a lot of healthier snacks for pretty inexpensive at the fruit stands and markets. They have hummus, veggies, Cuties, fruit cups, trail mix, and all kinds of whole fruit.

Among the fruit options are pineapple, watermelon, grapes, bananas, and of course, apples. These fruit stands also serve the very popular pickles that Disney is known for, but somehow manages to stay off of all the top ten lists. Every Park has at least one of these stands. So, be on the lookout if you want a cheap healthy treat.

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