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Classpass Adventures: Row House NYC

I love my Classpass.

With my new eating habits and new outlook on my health I’ve been even more inspired to try new classes and new workouts. My classpass membership is like a wonderland of workout classes–ANYTHING you want, you can pretty much take at any given time of the day. If my schedule didn’t require that I needed to be in an office from 8am-5pm, I’m pretty sure I’d spend the entire day trying out new classes. There are so many to choose from and the add tons more studios every week!

This week I tried Row House NYC.


This would be a rowing class, 45 minutes of the total body workout. I was slowly coming back into working out after being sick for so long. I’d been on the row machine randomly at the gym before but never more than 10 minutes, I tend to get bored pretty quickly. My curiosity was piqued at this class though because not only would we be rowing for 45 minutes straight, we’d be doing squats, lunges, pushups and tons of other body weight workouts. Was I up for the challenge?IMG_7303

It was crazy rainy when I arrived, so I was a bit out of sorts. When I went up the stairs of the chelsea location, the staff was really warm and friendly. I signed a quick waiver, took a picture and went to the lockerroom to settle in. The lockerroom is tiny. One itsy bench but all the amenities like lotion, hair ties, deodorant and dry shampoo. The lockers were big enough for my pocketbook and gym bag though so that was a plus.

The instructor greeted me right away, I must have had “newbie” stamped all over my forehead because he came to set me up right away. He helped me to get my feet secure, and showed me which numbers to look out for on my personal screen. The 5:30pm class was completely filled to capacity, there were about 30(ish) rowers in the room.


Once class got started I had to find my rhythm. We would do intervals of fast and slow pulls and I spent a lot of time just making sure I was on the same wavelength as the instructor. I felt it in my upper body almost immediately but by the end of class I was drenched.IMG_7300

After about 15 minutes we did squats, lunges, pushups and stretches, then the real work began. After the intervals we did 3 sets of 3 minute sprints. It was crazy! The things about the rowing is you can go as hard as you need to so when you are sprinting you are going all out and your entire body is pushed to the max.IMG_7299

It was a really good class and I will ABSOLUTELY use my classpass for another rowing session. It was a full body workout that was really great for cross training and completely different than anything I have ever done.


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For more information on Row House NYC and their locations check out their website.

Have you ever tried a rowing class? Have you ever tried classpass?


Saturday 26th of March 2016

Looks fun! I definitely have a love/hate relationship with rowing, but it's SUCH a great workout. My HIIT studio classes incorporate rowing and I used to row at a regular gym, but I've never been to a class specifically focused on rowing. I'd love to try it!


Friday 18th of March 2016

I used to love the rowing machine but stopped after I started getting terrible callouses from it. Need to get some gloves and get started again, because I still can't do much upper body work with weights. :-(


Thursday 17th of March 2016

Cool! I've heard a lot about this place but never checked it out. I like living vicariously through you! :)


Thursday 17th of March 2016

I'm intrigued. It was full! I also love that water you have. Perfect sized bottles!

Kimberly G

Thursday 17th of March 2016

Sounds like fun and such a good workout! I wish we had ClassPass where I live because it seems like a great way to try new workouts.