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The Benefits Of Interval Training + A Free Fitness Tracker Printable

Have you ever done interval training? It is NOT easy but it is surely an awesome way to get a workout! Today I’m chatting about the benefits of interval training and giving you a free fitness tracker printable to keep up with your workouts!

Interval training is very popular right now and for good reason. It is an effective training technique for both beginner exercisers and advanced athletes.

Labeled originally in Sweden as “fartlek training” which translates to “speed play”, interval training has been used for decades to train for sports, burn calories, increase endurance and spice up a boring workout routine.

It can be an effective tool in all exercise programs. In fact, it’s super popular in peloton indoor spinning classes (it’s pretty tough too!)

What is Interval Training?

Interval training is a type of workout that involves periods of high intensity exercise mixed with periods of lower intensity movement.

For example, an interval workout on a treadmill might consist of sprinting for two minutes with one minute of active rest consisting of jogging or walking depending on the athlete.

This would be a 2:1 interval. Active rest means continuing to do the activity at a more relaxed pace while still moving.

What About That Ratio?

The ratio used isn’t all that important. Varying it may even be beneficial. What is important is customizing it to the individual exerciser. Beginners may need a greater rest or recovery ratio, such as 1:3, 1 minute of work followed by three minutes of active rest.

A more advanced athlete who uses intervals for sport specific training would choose a shorter rest period. A 1:1 ratio might be more appropriate for a well-trained athlete, depending on what he is training for.

The work phase of the ratio should be intense enough that the exerciser is out of breath; this will vary depending on the individual’s fitness level.

The recovery phase should not be so long that the exerciser’s heart rate returns to a resting level. If this happens, the recovery phase needs to be more intense or shorter.

When designing an interval program, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • The fitness level of the exerciser
  • How many times the interval will be repeated
  • Intensity or speed of work interval
  • Intensity of recovery interval
  • Length of work interval
  • Length of recovery interval

What are the Benefits Of Interval Training?

The benefits of interval training are many. Interval training incorporates both the aerobic and anaerobic conditioning systems. The rest periods allow the exerciser to recover, then push himself again, which is excellent training for many stop and go types of sports such as soccer, baseball and racquetball.

Intervals can be used to improve endurance, cross train to avoid over-use injuries and burn a higher amount of calories in a shorter time period.

The great thing about interval training is it can be done with most any kind of training, at any level, with any work to rest ratio. Swimmers can increase speed, and then slow down, as can runners, walkers, bicyclists, and elliptical experts.

Beginners can do intervals in a zone that is comfortable and make great improvements. Athletes use this kind of training to increase speed and endurance.

Where can I find good interval training workouts?

I would definitely recommend checking out YouTube for some awesome workouts you can do at home. Plus here are 10 Best Interval Training Workouts from VeryWellFit.

Free Fitness Tracker Download

To help you keep track of all of your fitness goals, here is a free fitness tracker to keep up with your amazing interval training, water, steps and so much more! Use this 11 page free printable to keep track of all your workouts and so much more!

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Today I'm chatting about the benefits of interval training and giving you a free fitness tracker printable to keep up with your workouts! here is everything you need to know about interval training, especially if you are a beginner! #intervaltraining #hiit #workouts #fitness

Have you ever tried interval training?


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Great training interval. I totally would love to have this kind of guide.