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5 Must Have Items For Every Race

Every night before a race, I gather my favorite New York City Marathon branded fanny pack and make sure they have some key items to make sure that I had the best race possible. I remember running my first 5k with a bottle of water, but as I graduated to 10ks, halfs and even fulls I realized that I needed certain things to make my race experience more enjoyable. Now I never leave home without it!

A Mini Battery Charger: Since I run with music always, there is always the chance that my cell phone battery might die mid run. Since that would be an absolute disaster for me personally I carry around a super small charger (that usually fits in my hand) so it can fit in my pockets in my tights or my very cute fanny pack. I wrap the cord really tight and stuff it in there too. Sometimes I need it, sometimes I don’t–but it’s super helpful when I finish a race and I need to contact a friend or family that i’m looking for.

Chapstick: This one is obvious but even in the warmer temps my lips tend to get dry while I’m running. I now have a running dedicated chapstick that lives in my fanny pack because my lips need to be comfortable!

Tylenol: In distances over a 10k there are generally tons of medical tents along the route, but not everywhere. I tend to get headaches during and after long distances, so having the medication on hand is super helpful. I put two tylenol in a super small ziploc bag or paper towel and fold it a dozen times.

Money: This one is a no brainer. In NYC, there are plenty of places to buy things, during the 20 mile tune up race a few years ago, I stopped at a Central Park hot dog vendor and bought a ice old water. I keep money in the fanny pack that never gets touched unless I’m racing.

Wipes: This one is KEY. One word, Port-a-potties. However, wipes are really helpful during the warmer months when everything gets really sticky and gross. Wipes can be a total lifesaver!! I usually throw them in a ziploc and fold as much as possible.

**Bonus: A small anti bacterical spray/lotion/gel…again…the port-o-potties!

There are certain VERY important items that I cannot race without! I'm sharing them today with my friends @vitatrain4life, @carlypizzani, @HappyFitMama, @ThisRunRecipes! #runchat #running #racegear Click to Tweet

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What is the #1 thing you need for every race?


Randy Boswell

Thursday 21st of February 2019

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Umair Amil

Friday 28th of September 2018

Hi Nellie, Love to tell you that I found this post so helpful actually I am also a blogger and I really want to write this type of blog for my audience and actually founding someone who is giving best knowledge with her own experience. Love the way you describe <3 Really going to bookmark this page for my next blog. I think that this blog going to help every runner thanks ?


Wednesday 18th of July 2018

Great info. I personally second the phone charger. Music is key for me with exercising, regardless if it is running or weight training. I guess I need the motivation. Thanks for sharing your list.


Sunday 27th of May 2018

Wipes are a universal life saver! And what causes the headaches? The pressure? The wind through your ears? That happens to me! Sometimes it's dehydration for me but often just the sinus/allergen stuff.


Wednesday 23rd of May 2018

Wipes for sure! I like the idea of bringing a mini battery charger, especially to a big city race where I'll need my phone to find family after.