So wait, my kid is NOT perfect?!

I’m not sure when I began to realize that my child isn’t perfect…but it has certainly become crystal clear in the past few months.

When you are pregnant with your child and even during the early months–everything is perfect about your baby, he coos perfectly, he giggles perfectly, he crawls with perfect precision–even his poop is amazing.

My child however is showing me that he is his own person–and I better get used to it, quick.

According to every experienced mom that I chat with my sons tendency to talk back, become hyper emotional at the drop of a dime,  do what HE wants to do regardless of what his parents ask of him–is all completely normal for a 3 year old and even maybe when he is 4.

Which doesn’t make me any less likely to pull my hair out.

Add to that the different parenting styles of me and my husband and you have a very interesting household.

Then I google (I swear google can be your best friend and your worst enemy) and I read dozens of parents, mommas who are at their breaking point ready to hurt somebody because their kid is

Is it weird that I feel relieved that I am not the only one being tortured?

My refuge is in the moments. The perfect beautiful moments. The ones where he takes care of me, gives me out of the blue hugs and kisses, or when he shares his favorite snack with me, unsolicited.

That’s what balances out the crazy.

If you have an angel toddler congrats to you…but I don’t, my kid is not perfect. Somewhere along the line I transitioned from the rainbows and lollipops version of motherhood right into the real deal nitty gritty. My first angry phone call from a parent was like a bucket of cold water, I really don’t want to be that parent.

I suppose the hard part is to simply wait it out–but that is the hardest pill to swallow especially when you are in the middle if it all. *insert weight loss reference here*

In the meantime I will take the advice of the other mommies and wait it out, choose my battles wisely, and enjoy him–even when he is sprawled out on the floor in defiance, talking back to me or simply doing the opposite of what I ask him to do.

I will wait it out.

When did you realize your kids weren’t perfect?



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  1. You mean my kids are not perfect……*crying* I know mines aren’t and I won’t raise them to be.
    Kita recently posted…Talk TuesdayMy Profile

    • Amen to that – I wasn’t expecting him to be perfect I suppose I just expected that raising him would be a breeze

  2. My 4 year old tortures me. I think she does it on purpose. She is no where near perfection. People think my oldest is perfect. I admit she’s close to it but she’s not.

  3. I say perfect kids are boring. Gotta love the will they have as they are getting older. A mind of their own. I go from the sweetest moment to the worse in less than a second. The joys of motherhood I tell you.
    pegster recently posted…Weekend fun – the Thanksgiving editionMy Profile

  4. Last month, hahaha as lone as you show him attention and do what he wants, when he wants..,he’s an angel. Although your kid is not perfect he’s still a cutie! 😉

  5. Oh, what, are they not not perfect??? lol
    Only kidding, at about 6 weeks in with my first one when she had been screaming every night for 4 weeks……this mothering thing is tough!
    robyn recently posted…Running with Your Dog without Falling on your Face!My Profile

  6. That face?! How can he not be perfect? Hehe.

    I realized that my perfect nephew is not so perfect. What a hard truth to learn.

  7. Im so so so painfully aware of MY OWN lack o’perfection I went into this mamahood thing highly aware :-)
    Miz recently posted…The power of a personal mantra.My Profile

  8. Chile, I understand! My little one is approaching two and she was sooo much personality already, I can only imagine what 3 will look like! But we take it all in stride and do the best we can. Wine helps, too. LOL
    Amber recently posted…How to Clean Your Wedding Ring (At Home)My Profile

  9. KalleyC

    I am constantly reminded that my daughter is far from perfect. She is doing everything you mentioned. I knew it was going to be tough, but my goodness, it DOES make you want to pull your hair out.
    KalleyC recently posted…The Day I Let Everything Fall ApartMy Profile

  10. 09856524679917416904 says:

    Awww this can be a difficult time but I’m sure he will realize who is boss again very soon! I’m all rosy colored glasses here so I’m enjoying it while it lasts!

  11. Wait until he’s a 9 year old who thinks he’s 25! I love my kid more than anything, but boys can be a handful!

    Stopping by from SITS Sharefest to say hi!
    Karin recently posted…The Merriest Place on EarthMy Profile

  12. Oh yes! I agree with this wholeheartedly. Seeing as though I have both a 4 year old AND a 2 year old, I constantly ask myself when this “non-perfect” passes and the “halfway decent” child phase begins! :-) Late visit from SITS sharefest, but I made it!
    Britton recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: 2012 Holiday DecorMy Profile

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