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Hill Workouts For Runners: Beat The Beast!

Hill Workouts For Runners: Beat The Beast!

Head for the hills with these 6 hill workouts for runners to gain strength, speed and confidence in your running!

Hill workouts, some love them, most hate them but everyone agrees that it is absolutely necessary for runners. The only way to conquer and get better at races with hills is to practice, practice, practice!

Although I am a fairly experienced runner, I am still learning with every race how to attack those hills and still be alive when I get to the top. I still have clear visions of the tallest hill I ever conquered which was the hill at mile 7 of the Rock N Roll DC Half Marathon. It was HUGE *in my Trump voice*.

giphy (3)

I also had a hard time with the bridges and hills in the NYC Marathon, and since marathon training begins this week, I wan’t to make sure that I am ready to handle it! I have teamed up once again with my amazing runner blogger friends to share 6 different hill workouts that you can use during your training for upcoming races!

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The first step is to find a hill in your neighborhood perhaps at a nearby park, or set your treadmill on a steep incline. I have a hill in my local park that is a total beast. From there practice running up and down, this will not only build strength in your legs but it will prepare you for what is to come during your races. Don’t be surprised, be prepared!

Here are the workouts, a great variety for when you want to switch things up!


Allie @ Vita Train 4 Life


Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes

This Runners Recipes Hilly Tempo Run

Angela @ Happy Fit Mama

Build strength, stamina and speed with this dynamic Hill Pyramid Workout for Runners.

Carly @ Fine Fit Day

Hill running FINE FIT DAY

Sarah @ Run Far Girl

Build power, leg strength and increase endurance with this hill workout for runners-RunFarGirl


How do you attack the hills? What life situation are you currently working uphill against? What are your favorite hill workouts?

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Tuesday 8th of May 2018

Awesome post. I am new to running. Started just a few weeks ago. This would surely help me to keep running and also finding best workouts for me. Thanks for the post.


Wednesday 30th of November 2016

Aside from running, i also enjoy go to the gym/ Crossfit. I like your shared workouts. Thankyou!


Tuesday 28th of June 2016

Ugh. Hill workouts are killer, but so good for you. Thankfully (or not) our regular running routes have some pretty steep hills, so flat races feel a lot easier when we do them!


Saturday 25th of June 2016

Great workouts! I try and include some sort of hill in all of my runs - and do hill repeats every couple of weeks. I live in Vancouver, BC where there are plenty of bridges and hills... so they're not too hard to come by! Mostly, harder to avoid. Haha.


Wednesday 22nd of June 2016

So many Awesome workouts in this post to choose from!! Good luck on marathon training.