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2022 TCS Marathon Recap: Back On The Pavement

I completed my third TCS NYC Marathon on Sunday. I didn’t want to. I quit almost every single day of training. I told no one because honestly I didn’t even believe I could do it myself.

I hadn’t run much since I had my daughter in 2018. My last race was when I was pregnant for the NYC Half.

I ran outside maybe once during the pandemic. In March, I got my Peloton Tread but even then I still wasn’t taking running seriously. So how did I end up at the finish line of the greatest marathon in the world?

Glad you asked.

TCS NYC Marathon Lottery Results

Even though I haven’t been on the running “scene” since 2018, I still get New York Road Runner emails. When I got the marathon lottery open email, I signed up because why not. I’ve signed up 2-3 times before and NEVER got in.

The lottery comes and goes. I looked at my email midday and I didn’t get in and eventually I forgot about it. Fast forward to me logging into my NYRR account to see if there were any Brooklyn Half volunteer opportunities available and before I could click around, I get hit with a pop up that says CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING ACCEPTED INTO THE 2022 NYC MARATHON.

I’m sorry … what? I might have sat there with my mouth agape for 30 minutes. After the shock wore off I checked my email and apparently I got accepted into the lottery 8:33 pm that night and the email was in my promotions folder. I immediately put it on a shelf in my brain knowing that I could always defer to next year.

Deciding to Run The Marathon

I volunteered medal distribution at the Brooklyn Half and got that old feeling back. The runners were so inspirational and I realized immediately that I missed the pavement. I immediately went home and signed up for a 4 Mile Race and a 10k.

At this time, I was still extremely undecided — both of my marathons in 2015 and 2016 had years of consistent running leading up to it–this time I’d have a really clean slate and starting from scratch. It’s a big deal to go from nothing to 26.2 in a matter of months.

When July came around and it was finally time to choose whether or not I’d be training for 18 weeks, I choose to train–conditionally. If it got too hard I reserved the right to myself to quit.

Training In the Summer Heat

Two words: HATED IT. I realized that I was also re-learning all of the running rules that I had simply forgotten. I got chafed really badly several times, wore the wrong workout gear (hello? why did I wear too big winter tights in July?!), hydration mistakes, nutrition blunders, eating too little, leaving the house too late–so many DETAILS that had simply left my brain.

I did 15, 17 and finally I did 19 in Central Park and Harlem. My hardest day was a training run in the heat that was scheduled for 12 miles and I walked out of the park at 10.5. I was so zapped.

Getting to the start line

Once I completely the 19 miles 3 weeks prior to the race I decided to do it. I knew I’d be slow, I knew I’d walk a lot, but NYC is a marathon built for Back of The Packers.

The expo was fun, I bought a jacket and a singlet.

Running The Race

My race day outfit was simple, the shirt that I wore in 2016 and a pair of victoria secret tights that I have worn a million times. Getting to the start line took about 5 hours, between the train, the ferry, the disorganized bus lines, then the bus to the villages it was a LOT.

Finally the canon boomed and we were off. The weather was extremely hot a humid. It was a high of 74 degrees and when we started it was 70 degrees. HOT.

I took it easy in the beginning, but I was happy with my pace. It was a lot slower than previous years, and that was okay.

The Crowds at the NYC Marathon

I don’t have enough words to describe how amazing the crowds are. Wearing a singlet with your name on it is the cheat code for this race. Brooklyn was a huge long 10 mile party and I got so much motivation from Fort Greene and Williamsburg (bedford side) especially.

The real magic was in the crowds that stayed after dark to cheer us on. I just kept saying thank you thank you thank you to all of them because they were there when I needed them the most in the latter miles.

Crossing the finish line

I bawled buckets starting at Mile 25. I don’t even know where all the emotion came from but the tears were flowing. The more the people cheered the more I cried. I cried because I didn’t quit on myself even though I gave myself the option.

I cried because here I was doing this for a THIRD time. I cried because I was upright and not hurting badly like my first time around. I could even say that I ran a smart race with a consistent pace.

My favorite part?

In both of my previous marathons I hit that wall pretty badly in mile 20/21. I was able to still run/walk every mile to the end. That’s a BIG deal for me.

Would I run the TCS NYC Marathon again?

Maybe. Never say never.

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Rachel Tiscareno

Tuesday 15th of November 2022

You are an inspiration! Thank you!