15 Year Old Astro Throws Tantrum – My X-Factor Review

Astro, Astro, Astro.

Last night on X-Factor, 15 year old, Brooklyn phenom rapper Astro was surprisingly voted into the bottom two, and was dangerously close to elimination. Though this was shocking, his response shocked audience members (and myself) even more.

He was not only visibly upset (which is normal), but he proceeded to throw a tantrum and show a very different side of his personality than what we are used to.

Excerpted from ThisIs50.com:

Brian Bradley aka The Astronomical Kid, showed that he’s still got some growing up to do after melting down on X-Factor yesterday.

The 15-year old Brooklyn MC found himself in the bottom two of the competition this week along with 42-year old Stacy Francis. The two were asked to sing/rap so the judges could vote for who they wanted to remain in the competition, but Astro’s heart wasn’t in it.

On the real, I really don’t wanna perform. I really don’t think it’s necessary,” he said before turning to L.A. Reid. “But I’mma leave it up to you. You’re my mentor. Do you think I should perform?

Reid encouraged him to perform, telling him that he had come a long way in the competition.

After performing Never Can Say Goodbye by The Jackson 5, it was time for Astro to face the judges panel of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Reid and Nicole Scherzinger.

Astro I thought you came out and you acted a little bit like a quitter and it upset me,” Reid told him. “Because you’re too talented and you’ve come too far than to come out and give a lackluster performance after all the great performances you’ve given. Is that fair?

Nicole and Paula were not as harsh, but Cowell didn’t hold back.

I don’t like your attitude right now. So, just do me a favor and stop folding your arms, look at me and think about your mom watching this show,” Cowell said. “Because you are showing disrespect to your mom, you’re showing disrespect to the audience at home, and I don’t like people with this attitude.

By now the audience had started to turn against him, but Astro was still defiant.

No disrespect to you or this show, but I just feel like if you’re going to put me in the bottom two, I don’t want to perform for people who don’t want me here, you know what I’m saying? That’s it,” Astro said while trying to fight back tears.

After a vote of 3-1, with Scherzinger voting in favor of Stacy, the judges decided to keep Astro although Cowell said he really didn’t want to.

View his reactions here:

I suppose what bothered me the most is that I know this kid, I grew up with this kid, I probably was this kid at one point. He was so upset that he lashed out at the people who loved him the most. His fans. As an avid watcher of this show and other voter based reality shows, when a very talented artist has a good night and STILL ends up in the bottom two, usually the voters have gotten lazy. Not that it was a direct attack on him, they just didn’t vote.

Unfortunately, Astro took it super personal, and started blaming it on everyone around him.

He is 15 years old and lacks the maturity to handle this type of platform. Instead of attacking everyone around him from the judges, to his fans, he should have taken a sip of humble juice and performed his heart out. It was already in the cards that he would beat Stacy Francis, but his reaction to it all may have ruined his chances of winning the competition. It is a tough life lesson to learn, but hopefully he will understand the damage his actions may have caused.

Growing up in Brooklyn, all you CAN do is be tough! We all have to be tough, it’s a tough city!

Unfortunately, his “toughness” may have cost him the biggest opportunity of his life. There is a time to turn off all that “toughness” and sadly for him, he did not.

My hope is that America doesn’t hold his temper tantrum against him, and that he is given a real second chance to be appreciated for his talents.

Do you think Astro has a chance?



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  1. He was my favorite! Hubs and I were rooting for him hardcore! But yesterday, I was so disappointed. I hope that next week he apologizes his heart next week that way his fans do not hold it against him. I understand he is young but I am surprised he didn’t think that it was possible that he could go home. Did he think he would never be in the bottom two? Stacy didn’t go home because she couldn’t sing, you know? What was he thinking? My friend told me that he reminded her of the way a young Kanye would be. And I understood it right away.

  2. I think he is so talented but his attitude last night made him ugly. I want him to realize he is good but he can get knocked down real fast in the business. After last night, I am not sure how far he will make it. Like you said, he really better drink some humble juice well, now he better gulp it!


  3. Your friend has a great point, except kanye is already established, and when ye came out he wasn’t soooo off base as he is now (I think his moms passing had a lot to do with that) But I digress. I was rooting for him and I sure do hope LA reid MAKES him apologize!

  4. Agreed! It was a side no one wanted to see! I hope his bigheaded-ness doesn’t cost him in the long run.

  5. Mrs. Pancakes says:

    I didnt watch the show but honestly if he is going to be in this industry then he needs to suck things up sometimes to sell records. You can’t be so blunt sometimes especially to the people that are
    Left to vote you in. He will probably be going home soon…people don’t like ungrateful people!!

  6. Astro grew on me. I was quite impressed with his writing skills, mostly. However, his display of disrespect and his cavalier attitude turned me off completely. I will take a kid with mediocre talent and a great disposition over a kid with fantastic skills and an intolerable mentality any day!

    Bye-bye Astro. You turned America off.

  7. Wished i watched the show. But i cried my eyes off seeing stacy go after watching it here in your blog. The way the little boy behaved i think he will go in the next show…

  8. Simon was right to speak to him in this tone. He needed that harsh slap in the face to realize how he was acting was not ok. Hopefully he learned his lesson and will have a killer performance next time. He’s just a child and these are lessons he is going to need to be taught.

  9. I think his reaction to being in the bottom and his behavior speaks to the fact that he is not ready for this big of a platform yet. I don’t think he is going to last much longer on the show.

  10. He really pissed me off. I know he’s young, but I was REALLLLLLYYYY hoping he would’ve caught himself….and maybe had a rant backstage instead. Let’s be honest, America isn’t forgiving when it comes to things like that…..at least not right away. It just really upset me because 1) he’s basically assuming he’s gonna win the competition and I always think that SINGERS win these types of shows and 2) he could’ve messed up potential fans post X-Factor. I think that a singer is gonna win because that’s just how it goes, but we ALL know he’s gonna get signed somewhere after the fact. Just don’t mess up your future fans by throwing a tantrum on national tv. Ugh! I was in complete shock, but I’m glad Simon said what he said because maybe America WILL forgive him next week after his apology. I’m still pulling for him and he naturally has a lot of growing to do, but I hope when he does get signed….he remembers to not ever have tantrum like this again! Since you know him, help him out for his future! Please!

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