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Mount Airy Resort: The Perfect Couples Getaway

This post is brought to you by Mount Airy Resort & Casino. All lodging, meals and extras were provided. All opinions are independently my own.

Mount Airy Resort -- Why you need to take a trip to this beautiful resort and casino!

I’ll be completely honest with you. My husband and I RARELY go away heck, we don’t even have date nights. Between my babysitter trust issues and not wanting to ask my mom who already does SO much for the kids, it never happens. Last weekend though, I got a unicorn chance to actually leave the state with my husband. We went to the Mount Airy Resort and Casino.

Spoiler Alert: It was amazing.

We arrived on Saturday morning, we were booked for Friday night but there was no way we could get coverage for two nights. The bus ride out of the city was quick and painless–only 2 hours. When we arrived I was completely blown away by how gorg the lobby was. It was so relaxing and inviting, and it finally me–I was away with my husband! The first time since the Princess Half in 2014.

Mount Airy Resort Getaway Mount Airy Resort Getaway Mount Airy Resort Getaway Mount Airy Resort Getaway

We were super hungry after the travel so we went upstairs to freshen up and grab some food. The room was really pretty, had a keurig, a stand up shower with a private bathroom, plus a gorgeous view, especially for this city girl who is used to seeing buildings all day long.

Mount Airy Resort Room Mount Airy Resort Getaway

Guy Fieri

Mount Airy Resort Getaway

We decided to start at Guy Fieri’s restaurant because the menu looks pretty crazy. We knew our bellies would be happy and we were not wrong.Mount Airy Resort Getaway-7581

We started with the nachos topped with rib eye steak and honestly it was the best nachos I’ve ever had. First of all it was HUGE and we totally could have stopped there (we didn’t). Hubby got a prime rib sandwich and I got a burger. We definitely didn’t finish, but we were happily in a food coma.

Mount Airy Resort Getaway


Mount Airy Resort Getaway-7656

Later on that night, we headed over to Bistecc, a fancy Italian Steakhouse. Hubby and I were treated like royalty from start to finish. The service was outstanding, instead of having just one waiter, we had 3! They rotated often and check in on us non stop. The food, well, I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Mount Airy Resort Getaway Mount Airy Resort Getaway-7651 Mount Airy Resort Getaway Mount Airy Resort Getaway-7640 Mount Airy Resort Getaway

Afterwards, we hit the casino. I am NOT a big gambler, like at all. The most that I will gamble is $20. Anything more hurts my heart. Can you believe I won $205?! I cashed out immediately!

Spa Treatment

Mount Airy Resort Getaway-7596

The next morning I was so excited to get up and go to my courtesy spa treatment. I chose the hot and cold stone treatment even though I was completely intimidated and scared. I have always only had traditional massages so this was brand new for me!

The spa was completely zen and gorgeous. I felt like I was in good hands. My massage started promptly at 9am and it.was.glorious. My masseuse alternated between using ice cold stones and really hot stones to massage all the tension out of my muscles. She mentioned how tense I was (surprise, surprise) and honestly I felt like a new person when she was done. I need to treat myself to this at LEAST once a month. Totally worth it.

IMG_8405 IMG_8411

The Pool

Mount Airy Resort Getaway

Right after my husband came to meet me so we could get some swim time before we left. The pool was just the perfect temperature and also a really cool place to hang out. The pool actually goes from indoor to outdoor, has beautiful views and even cabanas where you can hang out and watch the game!

Mount Airy Resort Getaway Mount Airy Resort Getaway-7607


The Buffet

Mount Airy Resort Getaway

Finally before we left, we got to check out the buffet brunch and oh my goodness. We weren’t ready. Seriously. There was SO much food! It was literally the best of both worlds, there was a FULL lunch menu and a FULL breakfast menu and basically everything in between.


There was a taco station, a meat carving station, omelette station, pasta station, a dessert station to end ALL dessert station including your choice of cake slices. I sampled a little of everything until my tummy said “that’s it!”. Hands down the best buffet we have ever been to, my husband could NOT stop talking about how good it was! (Still is!)

Mount Airy Resort Getaway Mount Airy Resort Getaway-7670 Mount Airy Resort Getaway-7661 Mount Airy Resort Getaway

Thoughts On Mount Airy Casino

It was a fantastic weekend getaway for couples, there was other great amenities like a fantastic gift shop, a noodle bar, a candy shop, a golf course, fitness center and so many places around the resort to simply relax. If you need a quick (or long!) getaway this is your place. Thank you so much to the Mount Airy Resort for hosting my husband and I.

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Do you gamble hard at the casino? When was the last time you had a solo getaway with your spouse? Where did you go? Have you ever had a hot stone massage?


Saturday 6th of August 2016

Didn't know you knew about Mount Airy in

Remember the good days of Sunset Park pool in Brooklyn back in the late 80's and early 90's? :-)


Friday 10th of June 2016

First off, I LOVE that bathing suit. You make it look amazing. Also looks like a gorgeous resort, and I'm so glad you got to have some special time with your husband. I know just how it feels to not have reliable care for the kids!


Thursday 9th of June 2016

Yassss! Love this post I say try to get away at least once every other month just the two of you even if it's just one night. I can't do the gambling...I need every penny I got lol


Thursday 9th of June 2016

You in that dress!! Also, congrats on winning money! I never gamble either so when I do, it counts. This is near where my parent's live, so it's a feasible vacation for us. We'd just drop the kids off over the border of Route 80 and get ourselves to the Poconos. 20 minute car ride to bliss! And yeah, the brunch buffet has to happen immediately. I'll be there next week!


Thursday 9th of June 2016

You lucky ducky!!

What a great thing for you and the hubby. I hear you about babysitter trust and asking the parents...the struggle is real!

I can't remember the last time hubby and I got sad :(

This place looks fab!! I was thinking od somewhere for the hubby and I to spend our 10 yr anniversary. ...this could be an option.

Thanks for the info.

I love hot stone massages!