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Jamie Eason LiveFit Month One Recap | Loving Weight Training

Here is a super quick Jamie Eason LiveFit Month One Recap, recapping the hard and the easy of this strength training program!

How was your week? My week was normal busy, which was good because I was actually expecting the holidays to send things into overdrive. I am SO used to getting really stressed this time of year but this is actually the first year where I am not working/commuting 10 hours a day so it is making things a LOT easier, and making the season WAY more enjoyable.

Speaking of celebrating the holidays…

On Tuesday I stepped a bit out of my comfort zone and went to the Annual NYC Blogger dinner. This was not a normal thing for me because although I LOVE my blogger peeps, I have my moments where I want to throw the covers over my head and go to sleep. I am the classic introverted extrovert.


We went to La Mela in Little Italy. Don’t tell anyone but this was my FIRST real experience at a restaurant in Little Italy! It was FANTASTIC! I don’t even like Italian food like that and I ate my weight in just about everything. I had seconds of the Eggplant Parm and have been inspired to make it on my own. If you have a good recipe, let me know!


I need to make sure that I find my way back down to Little Italy more often especially during the warmer months, it was only a 45 minute train ride home and that is QUICK from the city to where I live in Brooklyn!

img_2094 img_2093

This week was the fourth and final week of Phase 1 of the Jamie Eason LiveFit Program! These first four weeks were really to get your body ready and conditioned to be in a full time strength training program. This week was the same as last week, I’ll spare you the deets, if you want learn more about the exact exercises I did, check out last week.


  • Monday: Legs + 22 Minutes on the Stair climber
  • Tuesday: Back and Biceps + 12 Minutes on the arc trainer
  • Wednesday: Chest and Triceps + 5 Minutes on the row machine
  • Thursday: Legs + 2.30 Mile run on the treadmill
  • Friday: Shoulders and Abs + Cardio (?? Whatever I feel like doing :))

Thoughts on the first month Of the Jamie Eason LiveFit Program

I love this program. More that I can even type into words. I love lifting weights so much I even briefly considered maybe NOT running races in 2017, then I remembered what running does for me and I got my wits about me again. 🙂


The fact is that even though I didn’t take any measurements in the beginning of the program (oops!) I can see a total difference in my body composition. I’m feeling like the old days, prior to running! I have to be honest with myself that my body simply doesn’t respond to running the way I would like it to. In four short weeks however, my body has snapped back in a surprising way. So much so that I’m likely going to do a different 3 month strength training intensive once this one is over.


The second month of the program is critical. It’s where things got too hard  time wise and exactly when I dropped out last time so it’s super important that I stick with it for the next four weeks even THROUGH the crazy holidays. This phase incorporates cardio as a requirement for some of the days and now includes supersets. I’m SO excited! It will be tough, but fun.

What are some other amazing strength training posts to check out?

How was your fitness and health week? Have you been to any holiday parties yet? Which fitness activity makes your SOUL happy?


Monday 12th of December 2016

Mm... the food there look insane! I call myself an ambivert - sometimes extroverted and sometimes introverted. I totally get that.


Saturday 10th of December 2016

You can do it mama! I believe in you. Im just like you - body loves strength, but doesn't do my for cardio.


Saturday 10th of December 2016

right?! I wish I lost weight while running, I love it so much!


Friday 9th of December 2016

Way to go!!

I do love Jamie Easton's programs. I haven't been able to do them because I don't have a gym membership. I have been doing Ashley Horner's programs. They are weight intensive as well but with some intense conditioning.

Keep up the good work!


Saturday 10th of December 2016

I need to check out the Ashley Horner program!!

kita bryant

Friday 9th of December 2016

I could never lose weight with all this good food goodness. I was offered to go to LA Fitness with a friend free so I am going to take that offer now and not wait until the New Year.


Saturday 10th of December 2016

yay! I heard LA fitness is awesome!

Janine Huldie

Friday 9th of December 2016

Yay on sticking with the program. Btw, I haven't been to Little Italy in quite some time, but I used to love to go there back in the day, especially for the San Gennaro Feast. That said I do feel the holidays are kicking my butt a bit more this year for some reason. And just trying to get by day by day right now here. Hugs and have a great weekend ;)


Saturday 10th of December 2016

My mom was totally telling me to go to the San Gennaro Feast! I'm so marking my calendar for that next year!