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Jamie Eason Week 3 Recap: Shifting From All Cardio to All Lifting

How are you guys on this amazing Friday?

It was a weird week for me. I was able to do really well with business and blog stuff, but the life stuff kicked me in the rear end. My eldest child has been having some trouble in school to put it lightly and I am researching and figuring out the best way to handle all of it. Why doesn’t parenting come with specialized handbooks?! I could use one right about now.

It’s Fitness Friday!


So I have been slowly adjusting to Life As A Lifting Diva (doesn’t that sound like such a great book title?!). It’s a pretty dramatic change to go from running 30-40 miles a week to walking around lifting things up and putting them back down! This week was Week 3 of the Jamie Eason program and this is the time where things ratchet up a whole lot. You go from 5-6 strength training exercises per day to 7-8 more advanced moves per day.


Monday: Legs – One of the major changes in the program is that you start having leg days twice a week. Another significant shift is that you go from simpler moves like leg curls to walking across the gym doing walking lunges with a barbell on your shoulders. 🙂 It was tough, but I got through it, with

Cardio: 15 minutes extra on the stair climber


Tuesday: Back & Biceps – This day wasn’t terrible but again it was a progression of movements. This included a lot of moves that my poor back was not used to! I felt the burn almost immediately and I couldn’t wait to get through the back portion.

Cardio: 17 Minutes on Arc Trainer


Wednesday: Chest & Triceps – This was not the easiest. I had my son at home so I found myself venturing out to the gym at 5:50am so I could workout before my hubby left. I could have gone at night but I know the chances of me going to the gym after 7 was little to none. This workout had me doing some body weight activities like pushups and tricep dips (which were hella tough!).

Cardio: One Mile on the Treadmill


Thursday: Legs – For the second time this week I was on leg day — I had a really good session (I even videoed it as you can see below!) I didn’t do any cardio today because I simply wasn’t feeling it.

Friday – Shoulders and Abs: I am actually NOT looking forward to this workout today! I have realized that my shoulders are my weakest part of my body by FAR. It is an absolute struggle to get through this day–my poor shoulders always feel like they are on fire!

How was your fitness and health week? What is your weakest part of your body?


Monday 5th of December 2016

Trouble in school seems like a fact of life, right? At some point, anyway! I went in and out of it. He's so bright and beautiful, inside and out. I had my best fitness week ever somehow!


Friday 2nd of December 2016

Way to go!!

I love lifting weights but seem to always put it on the back burner for running and Tri training.

During off season, I have recommitted to weights too. I am doing Ashley Horner Charlie Mike training. It is suppose to be 6 weeks but trying to fit it all in with off season Tri training it will probably be more like 10 weeks but at least I am getting it in.

Good job on your week and continued success.

Janine Huldie

Friday 2nd of December 2016

I hope all is OK with you son and it is usually the way when other things in life are going good something else has to go wrong. Just Murphy's Law, I suppose, but still not fair in my eyes. That said, sending you hugs and good thoughts, as well.


Friday 2nd of December 2016

You know how I feel about strength training. Not my favorite, but it is needed for overall fitness and definitely helps to avoid injury - all while sculpting your muscles which is not a bad bonus :-) You are killing it! Be kind to your shoulders. Remember they are very small muscles and don't be afraid to use those 3 pound weights...that's what I use in Barre b/c we do a ton of shoulders!!

As for you son, just remember that he has two great parents and this too shall pass. xoxo