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Free Printable Winter Activity Pack For Kids

Keeping the kids busy while it’s cold outside is no easy feat! Here is a free printable Winter Activity Pack Filled with puzzles, word search and so much more!

Kids Activities - Winter Fun Six Pages

When the weather starts to get cold around here it becomes increasingly harder to go to the parks and to send the kids to the back yard to get their activity in. Living on the East Coast makes things quite difficult because it gets SO cold around here.

Since we are spending so much time indoors anyway I have to come up with some fun things to keep the kids busy. Since they spend so much time on the computer with distance learning, I have started to figure out non screen activities for them to do when they are bored.

This Winter Activity Pack for kids is great for holidays and vacations, this gives them something to do to stay occupied especially while it’s cold outside. And if you live anywhere around the NYC area, not many places are open to take the kids to!

What is included in this Winter Activity Pack Free Printable?

Trace and Color: Kids can trace and color fun images on winter including winter coats, scarves, hats, socks and earmuffs.

Winter I-Spy: This one is great to play with lots of people. Be the first ti fund one of the many items on the sheet!

Hello Winter: A fun coloring page of kids playing in the snow and having a fun time.

Winter Word Search: These were always my favorite! Have the kids find winter themed words in this word search.

What Comes Next?: Kids will need to figure out what object comes next in the pattern. Great learning skill!

Grab Your Winter Activity Pack Free Printable Here

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