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Free Healthy Habit Tracker – Track Your Daily Water, Exercise, and More

The beginning of the year is such a great time to set healthy goals and start to get healthy from head to toe. Healthy can mean physically, mentally and through habits. Today I’ve got a free healthy habit tracker printable that will help you keep track of the health of many areas in your life on a daily basis. Plus I’m sharing how you can prepare for the winter and take care of yourself during the cold months.

Winter weather can affect people in many ways. Not only do people have to worry about frozen pipes and flu season, winter weather can also affect skin and circulation problems. Here are five tips for winter wellness.


When going outside to check the mail or go to work, bundle up. Wear layers if possible. Cover your feet well with thick socks and appropriate shoes/boots. Wear insulated gloves. Cover your head! Ear muffs are great, however, wearing a winter hat or at least wrapping a scarf around your head along with your ear muffs is a good idea. Button or zip your coat, just having the coat on does not offer much protection from the cold.

Vitamins/herbal tea

It can boost your immune system to take vitamins and/or drink certain herbal teas. Vitamin C is always good as is echinacea herbal tea. A good suggestion here is to check with your doctor. You may have allergies that you do not know about.


Obviously going for a walk or jog during a snowstorm is unrealistic. You can do many types of exercises inside; anything from jumping jacks to running in place, will work well. The idea here is to keep your body in a healthy condition. By doing this, you might reduce your risk of getting sick. Another advantage to winter exercising is it will help your circulation.

Lotion/skin cream

Cold winter air can be hard on the skin by drying it out and possible even cause flaking. When the skin dries out too much, it crack and even bleed, especially on the hands, feet and elbows.

This can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful. By using lotion or skin cream, you can help fight these possible effects of winter air. Lotions or skin creams with Vitamin E can be especially good for the skin. 

Winterize the home

One of the biggest favors you can do for yourself is to winterize your home. Seal up any cracks around doors and windows to keep out cold air. Put plastic over windows and cover swamp coolers. Not only can you reduce the chances of getting sick, you may save money on your energy bill.

There are other things you can do like only going out when you need to, and stocking up on healthy, hearty foods. Another suggestion is to keep up on flu and pneumonia vaccinations. These are strongly suggested, even if you are not prone to getting sick.

Do not take a cold for granted. Many people end up with the sniffles during the winter season and just assume it will go away soon. It is not being suggested that you panic if you get a cold, merely that you should take care of yourself. A cold left to run its course, can easily turn into the flu.

Free Healthy Habits Tracker Download

I have a super useful download for you today! This free Healthy Habits Tracker Download includes daily tracking of your sleep, tech use, water intake, skin care, reading, meditation, gratitude, sugar and of course–exercise. This doesn’t mean that you have to do everything every day because who has time, but it can help you see where you have and haven’t been paying attention when it comes to these habits specifically.

I’ve even included a blank one so you can customize whatever healthy habit you need to keep track of personally. For example, I’d add stretching and breakfast to mine because I need to make sure I get those two things done daily! This is also great for fitness planning!

Here is your free Healthy Habit Tracker Download

If you are looking for more healthy printables don’t forget to grab your free fitness journal and your free 9 page meal planner!