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Get Everyone Active With This Family Fitness Free Printable

By some miracle I have been able to remain active during this crazy time. My family? Not so much. Today I’ve got a family fitness free printable that you can use to get the entire family moving on a consistent basis!

Family Fitness Printable

We have varying levels of fitness enthusiasm in this house–My husband really wants to work out–and he talks a good game–but hasn’t quite made the leap yet. (Meanwhile if he says out loud he’s on a diet and tweaks a minimal amount of things he eats, he immediately drops 40 pounds. It’s quite amazing.) 

My eldest child claims to want to work out all the time too, but when he starts to move even a little bit, the dramatics start. It’s all quite comical actually.

My middle child? Oh he is the dynamo of us all, he’s on the shorter side compared to his (really) tall older brother–but somehow wants to be a basketball player when he grows up! He’s the fastest runner out of all of us and has infinite stamina.

Getting the entire family active can be hard! In the age of Netflix and unending screens for entertainment it’s hard to take the time out and focus on physical activity. This fitness printable is not only fun but challenging!

Family Fitness Challenge

  1. You can cross off one activity a day until you are done
  2. You can cut the paper up into individual exercises, put them in a jar. Take a chance to see which one you will do.
  3. Have one family member call out a random exercise for everyone to do
  4. Challenge each other to see which who can do the most exercises the fastest.
  5. Choose a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line and do those workouts for the day.

There are so many options! Most of all just have fun. 

Family fitness is about more than just physical health. It’s a fun, bonding experience that cultivates an environment of support, encouragement, and a shared commitment to wellness. By getting fit as a family, you are not only working towards individual health goals but also fostering meaningful relationships and teaching valuable life skills. Let’s delve deeper into why family fitness is so essential:

1. Building Healthy Habits: When fitness becomes a part of family culture, children are more likely to grow into adults who prioritize their health. By making regular exercise a norm, you set your kids up for a lifetime of healthy habits.

2. Enhancing Relationships: Working towards a common goal, such as training for a family 5K run or practicing yoga together, can strengthen familial bonds. Celebrating fitness milestones together also creates shared memories and a sense of achievement.

3. Promoting Teamwork: Fitness activities that require cooperation, such as a family basketball game or a relay race, promote teamwork. This encourages communication, problem-solving, and helps children understand the importance of contributing to a group effort.

4. Fostering Role Models: Parents and older siblings act as role models for the younger family members. When children see their loved ones regularly exercising and enjoying it, they are more likely to develop a positive attitude towards fitness.

5. Ensuring Balanced Screen Time: With the digital age, children and adults alike are prone to excessive screen time. Active family time helps balance screen time and promotes healthier lifestyle choices.

6. Encouraging Resilience and Self-Esteem: Physical activities often present challenges, be it a difficult yoga pose or achieving a new personal best in running. Overcoming these challenges can boost self-esteem and teach children that perseverance pays off.

7. Making Fitness Fun: Family fitness doesn’t have to be boring or strenuous. It can be as simple as dancing together, hiking, or playing catch in the backyard. Making fitness fun encourages regular participation and builds a positive association with exercise.

Remember, the goal isn’t to become a family of Olympic athletes but to create an environment where physical activity is valued and enjoyed. The emphasis should be on the process of being active together rather than the outcomes. By getting fit as a family, you’re investing in your family’s health, happiness, and unity. So, grab those running shoes, and let’s get moving, together!

Download Your Free Fitness Activity Printable

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