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Top 10 Fitness Channels on YouTube

Top 10 Fitness Channels on YouTube

Who needs a gym membership when you have the internet? Check out these top 10 Fitness Channels on YouTube for an awesome workout!

One of the coolest things about Youtube is that there is a TON of fitness options! You barely need DVDs anymore–you can access tons of free workouts wherever you are. Plus with the new SMART TVs (I just got a mini one the other day and its kind of amazing) you can access a full 30 minute plus workout to do in your living room!

Here are the top ten YouTube Fitness Channels that will rock your world! All of the channels have a very wide variety of workouts from targeting a specific area to full body sweat sessions. Be sure to subscribe for all your workout needs!

1) Fitness Magazine : I love this channel because they have short videos that feature real life women doing quick workouts, workouts while traveling and so forth. This is also the channel that had the awesome lady with the awesome buns (hair buns that is)!

2) Howcast Fitness: Keep in mind if you subscribe to this channel its a crazy resource of how to do everything in the world but the fitness section is pretty great!

3) Fitness Blender: I use this one for my short weekly wednesday workout videos but they have a great variation of long workouts as well.

4) BeFit Be Fit is a great resources of workout, with fantastic music too!

5) HasFit: oooh, this is one of my favorites!! High energy Tabata workout that is so good! The #HasFitTribe led by Claudia and Coach Kozak is super awesome and if you don’t trust me there is a reason why they have 1 million subscribers!

6) POPSUGAR Fitness: POPSUGAR fitness has a ton of fitness videos, and even some funny ones too!

7) Blogilates : I love me some Cassie Ho! Her videos are always so well done and I love her cheery attitude even when the burn hits you!

8) Jessica Smith TV: This one is a new channel for me but I am loving it so far!

9) X Fit Daily: This one is awesome for group exercise–really makes you feel like you are in class!

10) Another great group fitness channel!

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Do you use YouTube for Workouts? Any other channels that I should be adding to the list?

Trinka Polite

Thursday 1st of October 2015

Fitness Blender is my fave!


Friday 3rd of April 2015

Great list! I recently heard of JessicaSmithTV, too. Fitness Blender & BeFit are in my playlists. I also like BodyrockTV, which has killer HIIT! I will pin for everyone to enjoy


Sunday 8th of March 2015

I love that you mentioned the Fitness Blender workouts! I am obsessed with their videos. I have been trying their workouts for a couple of weeks. I like that their workouts are challenging but not TOO challenging. I also like their soothing voices. They aren't pushy, and you can keep up with them while they work out. There are no fake smiles and annoying music. You feel like you have done a substantial workout in a fairly short amount of time. Great list! :)


Friday 27th of February 2015

This is such a great list! Thank you! I use the iFit YouTube chanel, which I love. But the just fire walled it last week so now I have to pay for a subscription. <> They are great, so it might be worth it. But I am going to check these other channels out first. Thanks for the tip.


Wednesday 25th of February 2015

Oh! I've been wanting to try more workouts on YouTube...especially since Netflix no longer streams exercise videos (*insert angry face here*). And being able to stream it to your television is the BEST! Thanks for the great resources!