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Browser Hacks and Tips to Make Internet Safe for Kids

Browser Hacks and Tips to Make Internet Safe for Kids

With all of us spending so much time at home with our kids, they are likely spending A LOT more time on the computer. Especially with distance learning it is SO important to spend time to make sure our kids are being safe on the internet.

Making the world a safe place for kids can be relatively easy but when it comes to making the internet safe for kids, we can’t always be sure that we’re doing it right.

With the advanced education of technology that our kids get combined with the ever changing internet, it’s not easy for parents to keep up with browser hacks and tips to make internet safe for kids.

Well, today I’m going to try to make your job easier, as a parent. I am going to share some browser hacks and tips to help parents everywhere feel a bit more confident that the internet is a safe space for their kids.

You’ll have to look up how to set up Google Safe Search based on the browser that you’re using, but you can set this up to have parental controls in place on any browser. This is one of the first browser hacks to make internet safe for kids.

Add Kid-Friendly Search Engine

You can go into your browser settings to make the default search engine be a more kid-friendly option. This will ensure that when your kids go to search something, even with Google Safe Search on, that they’ll also be using a kid-friendly search engine option such as Kiddle.

Create a Supervised User Account

Add a user to your computer where you can then set up deeper parental controls on that user. This is how you can not online limit the websites that your child can access when they’re logged into their supervised user account, but you can review what they’ve been accessing during internet time.

Use an Add On

Within Chrome or Firefox, you can search for extensions or add ons to install options to make the internet safe for kids. You can search for “parental controls” or “search filter” to help add another level of security to your computer’s browser to reduce the chance of your kid getting into bad stuff.

How To Set Parental Controls On Google Chrome – Business Insider

If you have a Windows-based computer you can set up the family safety features to ensure that your computer is protected from kid happening upon inappropriate content on the internet.

With so many parental control features built into browsers and computers these days, with a little research–all a parent has to do is look up ways to set up the specific browser hacks and tips to make internet safe for kids and implement these items on their family computer.

I hope that you enjoyed these browser hacks and tips to make internet safe for kids. Remember the best way to keep your kids safe is to know what they’re accessing on the internet.

Be sure you keep communication open and talk to your kids about your rules and guidelines for internet usage. Keeping an open conversation will help keep you in the know about exactly what is going on.

Have you protected your browser for your kids?

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