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DIY Holiday Craft – Beaded Wire Christmas Tree Ornament

Creating ornaments is one of the coolest things to do during the holiday season. Today I’ve got a really cute Beaded Wire Christmas Tree Ornament that is so fun and festive!

How would creating and making your own Christmas decor change your life? This Beaded Wire Christmas Tree Decor is so much fun to make, plus right now is the perfect time to start your holiday crafting. Creating this tree decor will make decorating the Christmas tree that much more fun. 

Beaded Wire Christmas Tree Ornament

You may be wondering how to make this, well I am going to teach you and show you how. I have been making my own holiday decor for a while now. With that in mind, I can’t help but pass on my ideas to everyone else. I think I love this decor the most too because it doesn’t require many materials at all. You will want to read the directions extra carefully because there are quite a few steps. 

List of Supplies 

If you are collecting supplies for this project, make sure you grab craft wires, craft pliers, and crystal beads. When you put all of these together, you won’t believe how fun of a craft they make!

A beaded wire is actually one of my favorite ways to do crafts these days! Plus, the beaded wire can last forever. So, once you make this tree decor, you know it’ll be around for a while. 

If you are looking for something to make with the kids, then make sure you check out this Beaded Wire Christmas Tree Decor. It’s a fun project that can help you get your holiday crafting going.

We really enjoy inviting friends over to do this craft with us because it’s so much fun. Keep in mind that you can also make these for gifts. Who wouldn’t love getting this tree decor as a holiday gift? Just make sure you pick up enough supplies to help you make quite a few. 

DIY Holiday Craft - Beaded Wire Christmas Tree Ornament
Yield: 2 ornaments

DIY Holiday Craft - Beaded Wire Christmas Tree Ornament

A cute and fun ornament for your tree that you can add to your holiday crafts.


  • 1. Craft wire
  • 2. Craft pliers
  • 3. Crystal beads (*Mixed with different kinds of beads)


Step -1:

  1. Take a 16 or 18 gauge craft wire and hold the wire from its end. Form a
    square shape with the wire; use the flat nose pliers to bend the wire and form the square shape. The square I made was 2 cm on all 4 sides.

Step -2:

  1. Without cutting the wire, I’m leaving about 2 cm of the wire straight after
    crossing the square part. The top side of the square plus the extra 2cm will be the bottom side of the tree. Use the flat nose pliers to bend the wire to 45 degrees towards the opposite direction of the square. Bend the wire to 45 degrees towards the same direction.

Step - 3:

  1. Keep in mind that we are forming triangle with the current wire. Keeping
    both sides of the triangle even, bend the wire towards the square part. Overlap the square part and keep extra 2 cm. Cut off extra wire.

Step - 4:

  1. Coil the extra 2 cm wire around the bottom bar of the triangle.

Step - 5:

  1. Grab a long piece of memory wire and coil it around any one of the side
    bars of the triangle. Coil the memory around the bar 3 to 4 times.

Step - 6:

  1. Insert beads into the coiled wire through its open end. Bead until the
    beads reach the opposite bar. The beading should be inside the wire triangle.
  2. After beading the first layer, coil the wire around the current bar 3 to 4
    times and then bring the wire inside the triangle again.

Step - 7:

  1. Continue to bead the memory wire and fill the triangle with beading.

Step - 8:

  1. Once the beading reaches the top of the triangle you can coil the
    remaining wire around the top end of the triangle and cut off extra wire if required.

Did you make this project?

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