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Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornament – Cricut Tutorial

The holidays are such a fun time to get crafty with your cricut! Check out this fun and festive Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornament you can make for your tree!

With the holidays rapidly approaching, you may be wondering about what Cricut crafts you can create. Well, I have a fun one for you!

This Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornament Cricut Craft is so much fun for anyone with a Cricut to do. It’s perfect for beginners and experienced levels. Make sure you take the time to add this craft to your list this year. 

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornament Cricut Craft

Making your own ornaments is not only budget-friendly, but it’s also smart! If you are going to have a tree hanging in your own house, then you should fill it with things you love.

Making ornaments is something I recently started doing (in the past few years), but I have enjoyed it so much, I have decided to pass my craft on to you guys! 

What Materials Do I Need?

If you are going to make this fun Cricut craft, then you may be wondering what you need! Thankfully, the material list is very small, which makes this craft even better. 

Embroidery hoops – You can easily make crafts out of these embroidery hoops! The hoops easily go on the tree, which makes for a fun and easy craft. No one wants to spend hours trying to get their ornament to stay on the tree. 

Plaid flannel fabric – One of my favorite parts of this craft is that it uses plaid flannel fabric. I can’t get enough of using this material in my crafts! 

Twine or ribbon – This craft does call for twine or ribbon which is awesome! You can choose which type you want to use to help you customize your ornament even more. 

The next time you decide you are in the mood for a craft, go ahead and try this Embroidery Hoop Ornament Cricut Craft. It’s actually a favorite around here and we make a few new ornaments for our tree every single year.

Now you can do the same! Download the free SVG here.

Check out the instructions below!

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornament - Cricut Tutorial

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornament - Cricut Tutorial


  • Small embroidery hoops (I used 4-inch hoops)
  • Plaid flannel fabric
  • Silver heat transfer vinyl
  • SVG file
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Easy Press Mini or iron


  • Scissors
  • Easy Press Mini or iron
  • Weeding Tool


  1. Download the SVG file and upload it to Design Space.
  2. Select the file and weld the words together.
  3. Measure the inside of the embroidery hoop and
    resize the cut file to fit inside the hoop.
  4. Hit the Make It button and check the mirror option.
  5. Send the design to your Cricut.
  6. Cut a piece of flannel fabric to fit inside the embroidery hoop.
  7. Weed out the extra HTV from around the design and place it in the center of the piece of flannel fabric. Use the Easy Press Mini or iron to transfer the vinyl to the fabric.
  8. Allow the vinyl to cool, then place the fabric inside the embroidery hoop.
  9. Create a loop with the twine around the top of the embroidery hoop. Secure the twine with a bow.

Did you make this project?

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