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Back To School Weekly Lunch Planner – Lunch Box Printables

Here are some free lunch box printables that will help you organize school lunches for the school year. It give you dozens of combinations to you can meal plan for the week ahead. 

You can choose from meats, sides and treats. This make it super easy to make school lunches.

Are you tired of your kids getting bored with school lunch? Have you tried school lunch already and it’s not to your liking? Do you want to make school lunches that are healthy, quick and easy for you?

If so- this school lunch planner is for you! Print this page out and keep it in a binder or file. It will serve as your school lunch notebook for the school year! You can even take it with you when shopping so you know what ingredients need to be purchased at the store!

This free printable helps you and kids keep things fun! It can be used to make school lunches, family meals or even for grocery shopping.

Use it as you school lunch planner and meal planner all in one! You have lots of options.

You can use it as a checklist for mains, sides, vegetable and drink. Or you can fill out every school lunch for the entire week.

You are in control of what you need to pack and how you prepare school lunches, family meals or grocery shopping This school lunch planner gives a place for everything!

It’s simple- just check off your school lunches as each day goes by.  Plus included in this packet are some awesome notes! When they see that there is a special treat in their school lunch – whether it be juice box or cookie PLUS a fun note- they will look forward to opening up their lunchbox!

This school lunch planner is meant for organizing school lunches but also works great with prepared family meals, grocery planning and more!

You can also use this as your weekly grocery list when school starts back up again after summer vacation. Simply print out several copies and keep them together in a binder so that you have fresh inspiration every time you go to the store.

Also included in this fun printable are some fun and encouraging lunch box notes. Use them to write a sweet school lunch note or school year wish for each of your children. In fact, these are so cute that you may want to use them all the time!

Back To School Lunchbox Planner

Enjoy this free printable and be sure to share it with school parents on social media – they will love you for it too. It will save them time and energy when starting school again after summer vacation! This is another great way that school food can be healthy and fun at the same time.

Download your free PDF copy of your Lunch Box Planner – Lunch Box Printables here

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