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First and Last Day of School Interview – Back To School Printables


It’s a new school year and you want to hold this moment close. A fun way to document this fun time is with these fun first and last day of school interview back to school printables.

Ah, the hustle and bustle of the first and last days of school – they’re filled with a mixture of excitement, anticipation, reflection, and nostalgia. These days act as poignant milestones in a child’s academic journey. However, amid the frenzy of new school supplies and year-end parties, the significance of these moments can sometimes be overlooked.

Enter the “First and Last Day of School Interview Printable” – a simple yet powerful tool that helps capture these moments, fostering memories and meaningful conversations.

The beginning of the school year is full of hope and of course brand new school supplies. A great way to capture how the kids are feeling is by filling out these fun interview sheets. The school season is a great time to take note of how the kids are feeling at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year.

Between school lunches, school activities and new friends and (of course, virtual schooling) they way kids will answer these questions will be different from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

The first days of school for young children is such a precious memory. The best part is being able to look back at these memories from the first day of preschool or the first day of kindergarten with love.

First day of school printables are always so fun because you can see the different ways the kids have evolved or changed. Be sure to add these free printable pages to your school checklist!

This printable pack of sheets comes with the following questions that kids could answer:

How I write my name:

I am in grade:

my school:

my teacher’s name is:

My best friend is:


You can also put a school-themed picture photo or one of their first day of school photos of how they look at the start of the school year. Be sure to ask the questions on the first day of school and put it somewhere safe (or take a picture of it) so that you can compare answers at the end of the year.

Why Opt for a School Interview Printable?

  1. Capturing Growth and Change: Kids grow and change rapidly, both physically and mentally. An interview at the beginning and end of the school year captures their evolving thoughts, likes, dislikes, and aspirations. Over the years, it provides a chronological record of their development.

  2. Promotes Reflection and Goal Setting: The start of the school year often brings hopes and goals. Reflecting on these during the last day helps children recognize their achievements, understand challenges, and plan better for the future.

  3. Strengthens Parent-Child Connection: The interview format encourages communication between parents and children. It offers insights into a child’s world that might otherwise be missed in day-to-day conversations.

  4. Preserving Memories: Memories fade with time, but having a tangible record can make them last a lifetime. Many years down the line, these printables can be a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

  5. Builds Tradition: Making this interview a regular ritual can become a cherished tradition, eagerly anticipated by both parents and children. It adds structure and significance to the otherwise chaotic first and last days.

So along with the first day of school pictures, grab these back to school free printables for your young learners and keep these school days memories for a lifetime. Last year was *a lot* so the start of school is the perfect time to create new memories.

Key Elements of a First and Last Day of School Interview Printable:

  1. Favorites: Questions about favorite subjects, books, and friends to track evolving preferences.
  2. Hopes and Fears: At the start of the year, it’s good to discuss any anticipations or worries, while at the end, it’s beneficial to reflect on how they were addressed.
  3. Personal Achievements: Spaces to jot down academic, extracurricular, or personal milestones achieved during the year.
  4. Friendships and Social Aspects: Questions about best friends, fun memories, and social activities can help parents gauge the social aspects of their child’s school life.
  5. Future Aspirations: Discussing future goals, areas of improvement, or things they look forward to in the next grade.

A “First and Last Day of School Interview Printable” is more than just a piece of paper. It’s a record of growth, a communication tool, and a treasured keepsake. It doesn’t merely capture the height, hair length, or shoe size of a child, but delves deeper into their thoughts, aspirations, and experiences. So, as you prep for the next school year, make sure to have this tool in your arsenal. The few minutes you spend on this interview can gift you and your child memories that last a lifetime.

Download Your Free Copy Of The First and Last Day Of School Interviews Here

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