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7 Beginner Strength Training Workouts For Women

7 Beginner Strength Training Workouts For Women

I have been preaching the message about how important Strength Training is to every body (especially women)! I gave you plenty of reasons why you should be lifting weights and I have been increasing my own weight training and feeling incredibly stronger as a result.

Today I’ve got you covered with some beginner strength training workouts for women. These are individual workouts with the accompanying videos so you can see them in action demonstrated properly.

A lot of my friends (including some of you readers) don’t really take the time to lift weights. Women often get a bad rap at the gym–we are labeled as cardio bunnies who tend to jump on the elliptical/stairmaster/spin bike for 40 minutes get all sweaty and call it a day at the gym.

Or we go to Zumba class/Run a few miles/bike around the park and pack it in.

These are all legitimate, calorie burning, endorphin producing workouts but for those of us looking to develop muscle as well, supplementing with weight lifting is a must!

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How Do I Start Strength Training?

Another question I get is “Where do I start?” My answer to that is start with the basics!

You can go to your local sports supply store or even Amazon and pick up a pair of 5lb and 10lb dumbbells to workout at home. PLUS All gyms are equipped with free weights.

Here are some beginner strength training exercises for women that you can start off with that aren’t too complicated. As always, make sure you check a mirror to make sure your form is correct.

You can do these at home with equipment or you can start your new weight training routine at the gym.

Once you feel comfortable with these beginner moves you can move on to the advanced strength training routines that I have for you!

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7 Beginner Strength Training Workouts For Women

7 Beginner Strength Training Workouts For Women - Want to Start Strength training but now sure where to begin? Check out these easy 7 moves that will have you weightlifting in no time!

Bicep Curl

This is a great demonstration of a move that targets your arms (hello sleeveless tops!). Keep in mind you don’t need to use super heavy dumbbells like the ones used in the video.

Overhead Tricep Extensions:

This is a great move to also improve your arms, check out the details of where exactly your hand should be and the proper form for this exercise

Dumbbell Lunges:

These are great for the lower body and don’t require movement of the dumbbells, basically you are taking lunges to a whole new level by adding extra resistance training.

Dumbbell Squat & Overhead Press:

This is a fantastic combo move! Again for beginners, I would start with 5lb weights or less.

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This one is also fantastic for the legs, notice the options she gives for straight legs, or bent knees, it is up to you and your flexibility level

Chest Press:

This exercise requires you to lie flat on your back and works your chest. You will need dumbbells for this exercise if not a barbell at the gym works just fine too.

One Arm Dumbbell Rows:

This one works your arms and back and a heavier weight is recommended (but not too heavy!)

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Do you love cardio or strength training more? For those veterans at strength training, which basic move would you add to the list?

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Tuesday 3rd of January 2017

Great choices, Nellie! I asked for a medicine ball for Christmas and also have kettlebells and adjustable Dumbbells in my basement gym.

I'm a big fan of weighted core moves, especially the woodchopper, Russian twist and Windmill.

Pinning for my beginning health coaching clients ?


Monday 1st of February 2016

How many reps of each of these should you do as a beginner? I get that once it starts to feel easy up your reps or grab a heavier weight; not sure on how many reps a person should do to begin with? My upper body strength is pretty lame. Hah!

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Monday 23rd of November 2015

[…] 7 Beginner Strength Training Workouts […]


Saturday 20th of June 2015

Thanks for the tips! I was just wondering how many times you have to do each exercise?


Tuesday 7th of April 2015

I know how important strength training is but I'm so inconsistent with weights with my weekly workouts. I'm the ultimate cardio queen :( I'll incorporate weights, like once a week .. have to do better. and i have no excuse, I brought weights at home and other equipments to help make it easier of me. thanks for the reminder boo.