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5 Amazingly Inspiring Healthy Living Quotes From #NautilusNYC

by Nellie

5 Amazingly Inspiring Healthy Living Quotes

5 Amazingly Inspiring Healthy Living

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Nautilus Sweat In The City The Sequel event, held again at the beautiful Yotel in NYC. Last year was so much fun, and I appreciated the experience so why not return for more? ­čśë
During the event we were introduced to new equipment as well as some of their best sellers. More on that later. There was a panel that had a magnificent panel on the heathy living industry and how it relates to technology and what is in the future. We had an excellent panel of guests which included :
The entire panel was fantastic and engaging  and that is saying a lot because I am easily distracted by buzzing cell phones and food.
Here are 5 quotes that resonated with me the most:

1) The average Physical Education department budget is $760

Can you believe this? With childhood obesity ┬ácontinually rising the schools are getting less and less money to help keep our children active. This needs to change…quick!

2) Find your reason, find your event. Continue to find your reason. Whether it’s your kids or a charity.

When it comes to motivation to get healthy it can really be hard to really zone in and do the work required. Tom Holland suggests that everyone should have a goal and keep working towards it no matter what, for example, that family reunion next year or a half marathon. Find your event, focus and make it happen

3) Albert Lee: set very achievable goals, every time you achieve a goal it build habits

A lot of us tend to make the mistake of setting goals that are larger than life, lost 50 pounds in 2 months, do a triathlon in 1 month and etc. We do much better if we set small goals, achieve them and move on. Every time we achieve a goal we carry the habits of that achievement to the next goal.

4) A lot of people feel they can’t get an hour of working out so they give up. Short bursts of exercise works too. Try 15,20 minutes.

Now this one was my FAVORITE because I used to think this way. I used to believe that if I wasn’t going to the gym for at least an hour a day going balls to the wall in my workouts then it didn’t count. There were times when I would have back to back meetings and only had a 35 minute break but still wouldn’t go to the gym because I didn’t think it was “enough”. If all you have is 20 minutes to do body weight exercises–do them!! Short bursts of exercise is definitely better than nothing, and sometimes more effective.

5) Social behavior is a huge motivator, social commitment helps goals.

I am a huge proponent of this! I share the majority of my goals on the interwebs, I share my daily runs on Facebook and Twitter. Even when I said I was going to run a half marathon–I was scared to death but I still put it out there. Social motivation helps you even when you don’t even realize you need it. It’s scary sometimes but it helps to have amazing people in your corner pushing you and cheering you to your goals.

Nautilus Home Equipment

Nautilus has a great line of home workout equipment and they were all on display for attendees to try at the event:
I especially love the Select Tech 560 which are dumbbells that adjust from 5 to 60 pounds! These are awesome because it eliminates the need to have so many sets of dumbbells in the home.
nautilus sweat in the city  the sequel SAMSUNG CSC

Which healthy living statement resonates with you? Do you own a lot of home workout equipment?

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Kristina Walters October 13, 2014 - 4:49 am

I can’t believe that all the physical education departments get that little amount of money! I like the minimalist approach. A lot of time when I workout early I can’t get in a full hour so I try to do a quick, fast paced strength training. It works great!

Janine Huldie October 13, 2014 - 7:38 am

I didn’t know the exact figure, but I knew it wasn’t a very large amount spent on PE in schools, because the specials such as PE, ART and Music are the leafs funded – I know from when Kevin was teaching ART in schools out here. But still the number is so shockingly low and definitely agree that they need to do something to raise this number. And you are right about short bursts of exercise, because that is about all I can get to here myself and just try my best.

Tamara October 13, 2014 - 9:34 am

$760?? That is.. ridiculous.
And I love short bursts of exercise because that is how I get my exercise every day!

Britt October 13, 2014 - 10:30 am

Great post Nellie! So sad I couldn’t make it this year because I would have loved to have seen you! ­čÖé

I definitely agree with the short bursts of exercise. So important.

Also, that is crazy about the PE budgets. I definitely think that those budgets need to increase, although I think it would be really helpful if there were some resources available to help PE teachers get kids active without spending money because you definitely don’t need a lot of money for kids (or adults) to stay fit and active!

Kim October 13, 2014 - 1:44 pm

Love the quotes – my favorite is the one about continuing to find your reason – I think that our reason changes over time.
I have the Bowflex Select Tech weights – love them!!!

kita October 13, 2014 - 3:44 pm

Number 4 is what I need to do because I give up after an hr I think doing things in spurts is best for me. I can even work out while doing work by standing and typing and moving in place. Great event

Leslie October 13, 2014 - 9:07 pm

So many great quotes! Definitely setting smaller, achievable goals and sharing those goals is key. I would love our next/dream house to have a home gym – and the Husband and I have even talked about maybe getting a set of those select Tech weights. If only they were less expensive!

Andrea October 13, 2014 - 10:34 pm

$760 as a budget is totally disrespectful. I mean, really? Now you know that despite my recent absence from my BeQuoted, I am a total quotes junkie! I can most relate to, “Social behavior is a huge motivator, social commitment helps goals.” This is not only a quote, but an affirmation and reminder to get on, and stay on the good foot. Literally and figuratively.

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