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3 Ways To Get Crazy Snacking Habits Under Control

by Nellie

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/ Meta Appetite Control

3 Ways To Get Crazy Snacking Habits Under Control

Since I have been home full time, my entire eating routine has been flipped on it’s head. I have been working for myself for more than 8 months already and I am still trying to find a steady routine for my eating habits! Once I get home from the gym and shower around 8:30/9:00am, I usually have breakfast but after that who knows. If I have an event, I might end up eating there, or on the train(?!). Sometimes I get so caught up in work and execution that I don’t even realize what time it is and boom! It’s 3 o’clock and I have to go get the kids–eating on the go–again.

Or sometimes I get hungry in between meals and eat all the things. My favorite snacks that can get way out of control really quickly include popcorn, Terra vegetable chips or whatever else is in the house. I believe the hardest part for me is really paying attention to my natural hunger cues instead of letting them pass me by because I am in the middle of writing or some other activity.

I even took a fun quiz called What Kind Of Snacker Are You? and it turns out I’m a stressed snacker. Shocker. 🙂

3 Ways To Get Crazy Snacking Habits Under Control

Set an alarm: As if I need anything else to ring on my cell phone. 😉 I need to set an alarm to make sure that my small hunger pangs don’t become huge hunger pangs!

Drink more water: I used to LOVE going to fill up my water bottle at work, for hydration reasons yes but mainly because I needed a reason to get away from my desk. Now that I am ALL IN when it comes to my business and dream, I am finding that I am NOT hydrating even close to how I used to. I need to change that quick!

Have snacks easily accessible: I keep my new favorite snack on my desk. It’s easy to grab when I don’t feel like getting up because I am in a good working groove.

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